1. Croatia

We had 40.000 volunteers and more than 100 organizations from different municipalities. Also 100 municipalities participated and over 130 schools and kindergartens.

We collaborated with partners and local government in order to promote the idea through ther communication channels. We had a good cooperation with media - TV, radio, newspaper adds.
We invited everybody to participate - schools, army, companies.

2. Kosovo

We involved 2000 volunteers all around Kosovo and more than 120 NGOs in all municipalities of Kosovo.

Promotional campaign was determined as one of the main important part of the activities, First of all it was launched on Facebook and Twitter in order to continue with the web page, television documentary, promotional spots, programs on media, as well as with the distribution of other promotional materials in all municipalities in Kosovo: • 70.000 flyers • 7 tents • 10.000 posters • 35 billboards • 5.000 buttons • 10.000 t-shirts • 7 banners • 5 000 vehicle stickers • 40.000 pens Bus of mobile services (covered with the advertisement and logo of Let's do it Kosova). During three days March 21-23 a call for participation for this action was advertised in the daily newspapers. Promotional material have been distributed through different ways, e.g. lining up the tents at the city squares, where the material was distributed and volunteers have been recruited, through bank branches, through trade centers, as well as through the bus for mobile services.

Besides the distribution of the promotional materials, the most important part of the campaign is inclusion of media. During the contacts establishing with the media, it was requested to start with organizing programs and coverage regarding the environment condition in Kosovo. Team members have later took part in numerous radio and TV programs, through which they explained about the "Let's do it Kosova" initiative and the citizens were also called to be part of the action on 24th May. There were also TV debates organized where people had discussions about the cleanup action.

We involved different groups of the society (politic parties, civil society, media, artists, sportsmen) into the campaign.