Why should you participate in Let's Do It! campaign?

For me, it's more than just a cleanup. It's a way to be a good person. It was a really beautiful feeling for me to participate in the first cleanup in Estonia in 2008, because I felt unity with all the people who worked for the same goal. Everybody were volunteers who were not motivated by compulsion or money, but only by the wish to do something good.

Rubbish doesn't appear in the forest by itself. It is taken there by people who don't care, and I'm sure they are actually a minority. The majority of people are good, but when a good, caring, ethical and tidy person walks through a forest, he or she leaves behind as few traces as possible. That's why rubbish - a sign of of ignorance, stupidity and arrogance - often dominates the landscape and creates an impression that these arrogant, littering people are dominating in the society and the thing they do is somehow normal.

Anyway, they are not a majority. The cleanup action is a way to prove it, it's a way for the good people to come out and show that they exist, they care, they are ready to change things into better, and there are really many of them. So, besides the cleaner landscapes you also get more optimism and courage in the society. It links the local communities, gives active and caring people a chance to meet each other and keep on doing something good also after the cleanup.

One more aspect that might be important especially in multi-ethnic countries as Bosnia and Herzegovina - a cleanup is something very universal. Despite any cultural, linguistic, religious or other differences a clean environment without rubbish is very appreciated - that's why also the World Cleanup movement has spread across cultural and political boundaries across the whle world. So, it's a great possibility also for different communities in one country to find some common goal and work together for that, as well as a way to find more goals that everybody agrees with.

So, a successful cleanup is not only a way to clean up the environment, to make your country a more beautiful place to live and visit, but it's also a way for the good people to show that they exist and they care, and it's a favour for the society. To start this process, there must be a good, motivated, friendly and active team of organisers. You are the one who starts, shapes and leads this historical process in your country. Yes, you. And you're not alone - there are people worried about the same problems and resolving them in the whole world. They are with you. We are with you. Keep on doing the good thing!

Greetings from Tallinn!
Tauno Nõulik
from the LDIW regional coordinators' team in Estonia