Catadores swept clean São Bernardo and Diadema in Brazil

May 6th 2012, Sunday, is a day that will always be remembered by the citizens of São Bernardo and Diadema as a special day of public mobilization. The Let's Do It! teams in Brazil organized public cleanup actions to engage communities to make real changes in the neighborhoods and raise the general awareness about illegal dumping.

Albanian cleanup - not just a cleanup

The Albanian National Cleanup day "Albanian Cleanup - Shqiperi e Paster” that took place on the 20th of April 2012 was a great success and made remarkable results on urban waste cleaning – all thanks to the participation of the Albanian citizens.

Algeria has set the ball rolling with a great first cleanup action

Early on the morning of 19th of May, 1000 people stepped out from their homes in six different regions of Algeria. They had chosen to spend their day in cleaning up their home cities and villages.

Cleanup in Austria: 50 000 people and counting

Austria had a cleanup day on 21st of April to gather people in cities, towns and villages to participate in the united effort to make Austria cleaner. The organizing team partnered up with many different organizations and municipalities across the country to engage local communities, students and families in the action.

Flashmob in Albania

Flashmob in Albania

Interview with Jaka from Slovenian team, by Noam Kostucki

Slovenia has been the most successful Let's Do It! team so far - engaging approximately 13% of their entire population to the action in both 2010 and 2012 cleanups. Now our new reporter Noam Kostucki is having a talk with one of the founding members and a real force behind the action, Jaka Kranjc, to find out, what's been happening in Slovenia. Kinetic Text by Paul Martin.


Let's Do It! Belgium team meeting video

Let's Do It! Belgium team had a meeting on 13th of April and here is a video about that meeting, including a message from French team. Let's Do It! Belgium team is actively looking for new and active members and welcomes all, who want to be a part of the action in Belgium - the cleanup action day has been already set on 22nd of September 2012!

News from Croatian team

Greetings fellow members of World Cleanup 2012!

Cleanup in Tunisia - "It was a challenge for us, but the results are extraordinary!"

Wassim Chaabane from Tunisian Let's Do It! team shares the emotions and results of the cleanup action in Tunisia, that took place in many different cities on 25th of March:
How did the clean-up action go?
It was an extraordinary day, throughout Tunisia.

Slovenian cleanup action - the 'after' interview with the team


Limpar Portugal 2012: "This time we could rely on the local leaders' experience"

Cleanup-day "Limpar Portugal" was held in Portugal for a second time, on 24th of March. All of Portugal was involved in the clean up action. "When you were going around on the streets on 24th of March, you’d see a lot of volunteers in different ages cleaning up and collecting garbage," said one of the action initiators Alberto Ferreira.

Why must we DO IT? (Blog from Kosova)

One of the biggest problems of the world now is the pollution, especially air and water pollution. Environmental issues are affecting our land and I consider that we have to deal with this problem in order to change the situation.

Why should you participate in Let's Do It! campaign?

For me, it's more than just a cleanup. It's a way to be a good person. It was a really beautiful feeling for me to participate in the first cleanup in Estonia in 2008, because I felt unity with all the people who worked for the same goal. Everybody were volunteers who were not motivated by compulsion or money, but only by the wish to do something good.

CleanUps this weekend: Romania and Brazil

Perhaps you have noticed there is an important weekend coming up. This weekend, we have two Cleanups: Brazil is doing the first sweep of city of Campinas on Sunday. Romania is having the second Cleanup, Let's Do It, Romania on Saturday!

BLOG: Just 3 more days until Limpa Brasília!

Dear all,

we are 3 days away from our second action in Brazil. Limpa Brasília is going to take place this Sunday, August 21st!