Massive civic cleanups in Albania, Austria, Croatia, USA, Latvia, Lithuania and Egypt this weekend

This weekend will see massive civic cleanup actions in three different continents and in 7 different countries. The cleanup actions are aiming to bring out altogether half a million volunteers, dedicating their day to clean up illegally disposed waste from land and sea on 20th, 21st and 22nd of April.

Let's Do It! Belgium team meeting video

Let's Do It! Belgium team had a meeting on 13th of April and here is a video about that meeting, including a message from French team. Let's Do It! Belgium team is actively looking for new and active members and welcomes all, who want to be a part of the action in Belgium - the cleanup action day has been already set on 22nd of September 2012!

News from Croatian team

Greetings fellow members of World Cleanup 2012!

Cleanup in Tunisia - "It was a challenge for us, but the results are extraordinary!"

Wassim Chaabane from Tunisian Let's Do It! team shares the emotions and results of the cleanup action in Tunisia, that took place in many different cities on 25th of March:
How did the clean-up action go?
It was an extraordinary day, throughout Tunisia.

Slovenian cleanup action - the 'after' interview with the team


Limpar Portugal 2012: "This time we could rely on the local leaders' experience"

Cleanup-day "Limpar Portugal" was held in Portugal for a second time, on 24th of March. All of Portugal was involved in the clean up action. "When you were going around on the streets on 24th of March, you’d see a lot of volunteers in different ages cleaning up and collecting garbage," said one of the action initiators Alberto Ferreira.

How to build a house out of garbage?

Ecological movement from Guatemala, Pura Vida, has a simple yet genius solution for places which have illegal dumping problem and no recycling facilities. Instead of just piling it up as a landfill, you can build public houses for the community to use.

The new project: "Bloggers for the Purity"

The well-known in Russia and abroad blogger sergeydolya, the author and organizer of action "Bloggers against junk", is starting preparation for the new campaign.

Albanian team is looking to turn things around in a big way

Green Line Albanian Team launched their cleanup plans recently to the public of Albania. We asked the team few questions on what exactly are their plans and what is the starting point for the team.

You presented your ideas to the local media. What did you publish and how did it go?

Nepal and Greece in the midst of preparations

Nepal and Greece are two of the countries that have joined the LDIW project. Even  the dates of the clean-up actions have been announced: Greece (29.04.2012) and Nepal (05.06.2012). How prepared are their teams so far?

The Russian environmental movement Zero Waste were awarded the "For Saving the Nation" prize

On 19th November, activists Evgeniya Sukhova and Sergey Ganeyev from Zero Waste (Musora.Bolshe.Net) participated in the “For Saving the Nation” awards ceremony.

The Movement Do It Together! successfully accomplished the first cleaning

Do It Together! – is a public all-russian action to get rid of trash. On October, the 8th the pilot cleaning in sub-Moscow area took place and further on the initiative would grasp the territory of the whole country.

The greatest civic campaign in history has finally spread to Greece

In the next few weeks the announcement will be made and the entire country will begin preparations for the largest clean up in its history. Greece was not known for its volunteers and civic actions or for its environmental awareness before. But nowadays the situation has changed. In the last few years its people have come to witness the necessity of both.

Cleanup action sweeping up Surulere, Lagos this Saturday

This Saturday, 8th of October, a civic-led cleanup action in Surulere, Lagos is bringing together thousands of volunteers, to rid the streets of illegal garbage. This cleanup action is a pre-event for the global volunteer action uniting 100 countries next year.

CleanUps this weekend: Romania and Brazil

Perhaps you have noticed there is an important weekend coming up. This weekend, we have two Cleanups: Brazil is doing the first sweep of city of Campinas on Sunday. Romania is having the second Cleanup, Let's Do It, Romania on Saturday!