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Waste is becoming an important issue in Russia, not only as a problem for government and society to discuss and solve, but also as something, that can unite people and make them do something on their own initiative.

"...In Spain, the best upper sets do it..."

The lyrics of this charming Ella Fitzgerald's song Let's Do It are merely one example of the wonderful emotions that I have found in search of anything beautiful that would equal the experience and boost we (Kadi Kenk and Anneli Ohvril) got in the beginning of September in Madrid meeting with wonderful peole from South of Europe who are determined to organise a major cleanup in 2012 in their ho

CleaNap and cleanup – the story of Naples, Italy

Beware of an event that will engage all cities in Italy 16-24 September to join citizens in cleanup actions.

Limpa Goiânia!

In the past 2 weeks two Brazilian cities cleaned up their homes, streets and public places. All together 149 tons of recyclable materials were collected by 23,000 volunteers and left Brasília and Goiânia clean and beautiful!

Success of Let's do it! in Brasilia

On Sunday, 21st of August, the great action of the "Limpa Brasil - Let's Do It"  was held in Brasilia. The action was attended by 8,000 volunteers who came together to clean the federal district.

In 8 hours the volunteers were able to remove 60 tonnes of street litter, leaving the city more clean and beautiful!

Bulgaria will be cleaned up on April 21st next year

The pilot cleaning in the capital Sofia on April 9th this year was embraced by more than 40 000 people. Now the team is already preparing a country-wide action - the day of the big cleanup will be April 21st in 2012.

Welcome to the team, Kosova!

A new team has started a cleanup action in Kosova. Right now they are in the very beginning and Arian Krasniqi, who is responsible for Communication and PR, shares with us their progress.

Inspiring video from Let's Do It! Romania team

Let's Do It! Romania team shares how they managed to get 200 000 people to clean up Romania. Watch the video to know how and get a positive kick!

The National Cleaning Day in Romania will happen again

The biggest social involvement project from the country “Let's Do It, Romania!”, will happen again on 2011. The National Cleaning Day is this year on the 24th of September!

Let's Do It, Romania! gets two Civil Society Awards

Bucharest, 10.06.2011

The 9th edition of The Civil Society Awards took place last night at the Romanian Opera. It is the most important competition that awards the activity developed in the Romanian nonprofit field.

Fishington Post: Lets Do It, Romania! returns

Fishington Post writes: "For about a year Anamaria Hâncu has been communicating on behalf of Lets Do It, Romania!. She is always on the run, but we managed to catch her for a few minutes on an eco talk.

BLOG: Eu sou catador/a - I'm a garbage collector

Ann-Kathrin writes:

Limpa Brasil Let’s do it! is really proud that there are a lot of Brazilian celebrities on board. Their pictures wearing t-shirts saying "Eu sou catador/a" - "I am a garbage collector" are being published in many of our partner magazines and the local newspapers along two other advertisements. 

BLOG: Limpa Brasil: World is too small for so much trash!

Hello everybody,

the next few days, weeks, months I am going to give you updates on the Limpa Brasil! Let's do it! Campaign here in beautiful Brazil.

My name is Ann-Kathrin and I am a trainee from Germany working at Atitude Brasil with Marta, Augusto, Vani and Thiago.

Results of cleanups in Moldova, Ukraine and Russia

7 months of  preparations culminated when Hai Moldova came out in strength of 113 600 people – a full army united in a common goal of clean and prosperous Moldova on April 16th. Divided in groups of 2-5, the volunteers picked up 6 800 tons of garbage in 28 out of 32 districts, 854 cities and villages total. Even the rain stopped in the evening before!

Anita Bhargava believes in clean Delhi

Anita Bhargava, an Indian woman who after living for 10 years in New York and California, returned to India to be with her siblings and to m