Thousands of volunteers cleaned Phnom Penh on April 23rd

Thousands of volunteers gathered at Phnom Penh's Olympic Stadium on a very early morning on Saturday, April 23rd, armed with green t-shirts, masks, gloves, water and tongs.

Cleanups today in Ukraine, Moldova and Lithuania

More than 400 000 volunteers are expected to participate in massive civic-led cleanup actions this Saturday, April 16, taking place in Ukraine, Moldova and Lithuania.

Hai Moldova! is uniting the whole country for a cleanup

Last year few girls from Moldavia took part in the amazingly successful cleanup in Slovenia. Right there and then, they decided to start the initiative at their home country. Now the whole Moldavia has decided to join them - Hai Moldova! cleanup day is happening in just few weeks - 16th of April. One of the team members, Daniela Cibotari, shares their story.

More cleanups on the way in Russia

The NGO Musora.Bolshe.Net in Russia joined Let's Do It! movement last year. The first cleanup was organized in September 2010 in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Evgenia Sukhova from the team, says that this year, the plans and ambitions have grown much bigger: "May 15, 2011 is the day for 500 cleanup events in Russia and CIS.

Cleanup team in Cambodia dives in

Let's Do It! team in Cambodia is hard at work to bring cleaner future to Cambodians. The first big cleanup is set to happen already in April. Indre Sabaliunaite from the team shared the first results of their action and talked about the plans for next months coming up.

Lithuania preparing for the fourth cleanup on April 16th

Lithuanian team is preparing for the fourth cleanup this year. We talked with Vytautas Krasnickas to know if this time it's different and if the spirit of the action is as fresh as four years ago.

Regional conference in India coming soon

From all countries in the world India seems to be the last one for clean-up initiatives, but by thinking so, you are doing a big mistake. People leading Let's do it! initiatives in New Delhi and other regions in India, have done it already and engaged altogether 50 000 volunteers in the cleanups during last year.

Brazil team will start with the biggest cities

Let's do it! team in Brazil has started to prepare first cleanups in the country's biggest cities. The first two Limpa Brazil cleanups will be taking place on 6th of June 2011 inRio de Janeiro andBrasília, moving on to cover 12 other bigger cities by the end of 2011. The team is not timid in setting their goals - planning to engage at least50 000 people in each city.

Ukraine preparing for big cleanup

Ukraine had it's first pilot cleanup in Kiew in 2010, engaging few thousand volunteers. This year they have set their goals much higher - expecting 50 000 people to step up and join in, they are preparing for their big countrywide cleanup day on 16th of April 2011.

Balkan conference on 16th of April

One year after the huge success of the one-day clean-up action on April 17th 2010 in Slovenia, Ecologists without borders are now amidst intense preparations for their first international event – Let’s Clean the Balkans in One Day! is the title of the conference, taking place in Rimske toplice from 15th to 17th April this year.

Video: CNN-IBN Ordinary people, extrarordinary tales

Anita Bhargava tells her story to CNN-IBN about "Let`s Do It Delhi" project

Video: Slovenia having the largest volunteer action ever, plans for all-europe clean-up taking shape

See a video from Slovenian TV-channel, where organizers talk about the action on 17th of April and European commissioner proposes the idea of all-europe clean-up for next year. Translation to English also below.

Video: Limpar Portugal progressing in Portugal

Have a look at how Limpar Portugal is progressing in this short video with english subtitles. The organizers are engaging hundreds of volunteers to continue with mapping. Looking good in North, but more troublesome in South Portugal - more activists are needed.

Message from Let's do it! Delhi: We have the Government support!

Anita from Let's do it! Delhi shares the news - the movement has gained full support from the Delhi Government and is already planning next major pilot clean-up in April. Organizers are working towards cleaning the India's capital in huge one-day action in September 2010.

The Message:

Residents of New Delhi have taken up a novel initiative to clean up their city

Based on a very successful model of ‘Let’s Do It Estonia’, where Estonia was cleaned up through a process involving private citizens, corporates and civic bodies, a group in Delhi is likewise is reaching out to civic bodies and took up the Rose Garden (opposite IIT Delhi) as its first project.