Let's do it! World press releases

Global movement is gathering experts to build up a Clean World action plan

A civic-led international environmental movement Let’s Do It! is organizing a brainstorm in its birthland Estonia this week. From 29th until 31st of January about 60 experts are invited to participate in a brainstorm aimed to identify the key steps for international co-operation.

Italians are going to clean up their country, together with Cyprus, El Salvador, Argentina and Romania

This weekend the citizens of five different countries are going to take initiative in order to make a change in their living environment by collecting illegal waste. The civic-led clean actions will take place in Cyprus, Italy, El Salvador (San Salvador), Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Romania (Timis).

Seven more countries to mobilize forces for cleaner planet

In the coming weekend seven countries will join in for the Let’s do it! World Cleanup civic action in order to clean illegal waste in their countries and raise awareness on environment friendly life-style.

Volunteers collecting waste in 6 countries and on 3 continents

This weekend there will be large-scale volunteer actions taking place in 6 different countries. These cleanups are part of a global grass-root action World Cleanup 2012, aimed to unite the society in participating countries to fight illegal dumping problem and lack of awareness about protecting the environment.

One mission, two countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina and South Africa collecting waste

This weekend, the activists of Bosnia and Herzegovina and South Africa are going to make an effort in order to have a waste free planet. Both cleanup teams hope to gather tens of thousands of volunteers with the mission to sweep the country in one day. Similar one-day cleanups have been taking place all over the world for the past years.

20 countries will be cleaned by activists

Within the next 5 weeks hundreds of thousands of volunteers are going to clean up their towns and country sides. The one-day civic actions are a part of the global civic effort, called World Cleanup 2012.

Real action brought together 15 countries in Rio yesterday

15 countries took part in the cleanup event in Rio, on Tuesday, 19th of June, covering the area between Ipanema and Copacabana beach. The World Cleanup Rio+20 action combined the efforts of local communities and Rio+20 delegates to create immediate results on spot and to send out a simple message to the whole world – Let’s act now!

Beach, park and ocean cleanup on 19th of June in Rio

On Tuesday, 19th of June, an international cleanup, combining the efforts of countries’ delegations attending Rio+20 and representatives from local communities, will swipe clean an area between Rio’s most famous beaches – Copacabana and Ipanema.

Six countries and hundreds of thousands of volunteers join their efforts in the fight against illegal garbage

Within next week extensive civic cleanups will take place in Hungary, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Cameroon and Canada as a part of the biggest and most ambitious civic movement in history - World Cleanup 2012. Though the cleanups are held in 4 different continents, the goal is the same: to make a difference in our living environment.

Thousands of volunteers from Lapland to Thailand joining in world-wide waste cleaning action

From 19th till 29th of May international civic campaign World Cleanup 2012 brings together seven countries from Africa, Europe, South-America and Asia in order to clean illegal waste and raise awareness of the communities.

Civic-led cleanup actions are bringing together hundreds of thousands of people in 6 countries this weekend!

The coming weekend will make history in Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United Kingdom and Turkey, which are all part of the 94 countries participating in the biggest civic movement in history - World  Cleanup 2012 - by organizing massive one-day cleaning action to collect illegally disposed waste in their countries.

Huge civic-led cleanups in Estonia, Finland and Brazil

From 5th to 10th of May there will be huge cleanups in two different continents: tens of thousands of volunteers in Estonia, Finland and Brazil will join forces and hands in order to make their countries waste-free.

Massive civic cleanups continue in Malta, Greece and Ukraine this weekend

The massive civic cleanup actions, connecting people in more than 90 countries this year, continue this weekend in Europe. The cleanups will be held on 28th, 29th of April and 1st of May in Greece, Ukraine and Malta. Volunteers are dedicating their day to clean up illegally disposed waste from land and sea.

Massive civic cleanups in Albania, Austria, Croatia, USA, Latvia, Lithuania and Egypt this weekend

This weekend will see massive civic cleanup actions in three different continents and in 7 different countries. The cleanup actions are aiming to bring out altogether half a million volunteers, dedicating their day to clean up illegally disposed waste from land and sea on 20th, 21st and 22nd of April.