Let's do it! World press releases

World Cleanup 2012 starts this weekend: actions in Portugal, Slovenia and Tunisia

On 24th of March, the global civic action named World Cleanup 2012 will be launched by massive cleanup days in Portugal and Slovenia, followed by a cleanup action in Tunisia a day after. The series of cleanup days, carried out in more than 80 countries will continue through the 6-month period of World Cleanup 2012, ending on 25th of September 2012.

World Cleanup 2012 initiators: The main obstacle is low awareness

Civic action leaders from more than 40 countries gathered at the Let's Do It! World Cleanup 2012 conference in Tallinn this week. The main goal was to gear up for the joint cleanup actions taking place in 82 different countries this year. 

Volunteers uniting 100 countries for a cleanup action

Volunteer groups and organizations from different countries are initiating a global action called World Cleanup 2012, with the aim of cleaning up illegal garbage in 100 countries and raising people's awareness worldwide.