Let's do it! regional gathering 2012 for Asian countries

Thank you for being part of this magnificent change that we are pulling together with Let’s Do It! family! Your work and your action bring visible results and give hope and inspiration to many people all over the world. Together we are making things happen that no-one thought are possible. But we are just at the beginning of our great journey – cleaning up is a great start and now that we got the attention, we can go forward to work with the real causes and find lasting solutions. We invite you to be a significant part of this process – here comes the next phase of our work!

class="kix-line-break" />Great ideas and plans are born when people get together – we are inviting you to take part in a regional gathering for Asian region, taking place in Kathmandu, Nepal, at 8th-11th of November 2012.

Let’s get together to see how we can step forward with our activities together - come and speak your mind, your dreams, your experiences and your ideas – so that we can work with these as a unstoppable global team!

During the gathering, following themes will be discussed and workshops will take place:
- Let's Do It World - experiences from different countries
- team building
- PR / communication
- marketing / finances
- logistics
- mapping
- IT
- identity of the project
- project management models (Dragon Dreaming etc.)
- Zero Waste
- waste management in the future
- recycling - waste as the valuable resource 

Do you think we are missing something? Please write to us and share your ideas! You’ll find our contacts below.

During the gathering you will get a chance to meet with the fellow Let’s Do It! initiators and organizers from your region - they are the most inspiring people you’ve ever met, we promise! Also people from the global Let’s Do It! team, the initiators of the movement will be present at the conference.

Costs: The team, organizing the conference will take care of you, once you have arrived – you don’t have to worry about the accommodation, food or local transportation. But you will have to cover and organize for yourself a transport between your home and the conference place. 
If you have any additional questions or you just want to let us know that you are coming to the conference, please write or call! 

Our contacts:

Ms. Pille Pirn
Regional coordinator of Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan
pille [dot] pirn [at] letsdoitworld [dot] org
Skype: piltsikene
+372 501 2863

Mr. Thakur Pandit
Green action, Let's Do It Nepal
thakurpandit [at] yahoo [dot] com

We can’t wait to see you and do more great things together!
Let’s Do It!