European Innovation Academy 2013

Lets Do It! World invites you to take part of  an innovative training program about entrepreneurship and innovation – European Innovation Academy 2013 taking place in TALLINN 21-27 of January, 2013.

European Innovation Academy is a new partner to Lets Do It! World, designing together new green business models with a help from the high-league professors and experts.

Take a look at Lets Do It! World ideas what can be turned into real business models in European Innovation Academy.

The team who is able to build up and design a business model for Lets Do It! World will have an opportunity to take part of two remarkable events taking place in Tallinn:

  • World Brainstorm - 29-31 January 2013 - World’s brightest eco-thinkers, producers, designers, waste handlers and policy-makers come together and draw up a Clean World action plan - what should be the next local and global steps towards waste-free world? This brainstorm will be with very limited amount of places.

  • Right after the brainstorm there will be Clean World Conference 2013, 1-3 February, where the network and friends of Let’s Do It! movement across the world discuss the implementation of Clean World plan and figure out next steps for a clean and healthy planet that could be taken together – so that we all can become the citizens of the Clean Planet.

The main aim of the European Innovation Academy is to help students and young entrepreneurs to bootstrap their start up in an international environment. Participants get individual mentoring by 15 different professors and experts from all around the World - all together 80 students from 20 different countries.

European Innovation Academy brings together the most famous names from the field of entrepreneurship - Prof. Mark Harris (the former head of INTEL), Prof. Thomas J. Howard (DEN), Prof. Steve Taylor (UK).  You are going to have an intensive training carried by numerous start up experts -  CEO of Skype, experts from Samsung and Microsoft.

Last session what took place in the year 2012 hosted all together 75 students from 23 countries. Two real start ups were established during the summer.

See remarkable speakers in European Innovation Academy ».

Please note:
All participants coming through Lets Do It! World network will get 20% discount from the course fee.