Thank you all who participated in the LDIW "HOW? competition". The competition is over and the jury has made its decisions. The most interesting and potentially successful ideas will be presented and awarded at the Clean World conference held in Tallinn 1-3 February 2013*.

The HOW page will be continuosly active and everybody is encouraged to share the best practices and good ideas on waste prevention, creation and management.

* Due to none of the presented ideas qualified as innovative that could cause a breakthrough in tackling world-wide waste issues, it has been resolved to withhold from announcing the prize - a free pass at the Clean World Brainstorm and Conference.

Let's Do It is a global civic movement that unites people that want to live in a clean world and KEEP IT CLEAN too! Besides using our collective intelligence to invent a new and more sustainable world model, we also want to make good use of genious ideas that people have invented so far that help to fulfil the dream of the clean world!

The competition HOW? aims to bring together the know-how of clever ways how: 

  • to prevent waste production individually / in organisations; 
  • to separate / collect waste;
  • clever product design can enhance sustainability;
  • materials can be reused!

it be your own clever solution at home, an interesting link found from the internet, or an idea still in your head - bring it out in the open! Photos, essays, videos and comments are all welcomed. The competition is launched online 01.12.2012 and is closed at 12.01.2013! You can send your ideas to how [at] letsdoitworld [dot] org or send them via our Facebook application here »

Should you not have a good idea but feel you want to get a go on with the system in place this moment, feel free to share your complaints with us too! 

Three most inspiring ideas are rewarded with a chance to visit a Let's Do It cleanup event in 2013 and one of them will get a free pass to participate a 2013 Clean World Brainstorm and Conference 29 Jan-3 Feb in Tallinn. 

Send the good ideas to how [at] letsdoitworld [dot] org!