There are many ways how you can be the hero -

1. Start a cleanup in your country - it doesn't matter if you have already loads of experience in volunteer work or have never organized anything in your life. All it takes is a decision to make things better in your country, in your home area.  Click the link on the left to read our advice on how to start.

2. Map the illegal waste around your home - download application for iPhone or Android phone and start mapping right away. Invite your friends to join you and see who can find more garbage or go out together to discover and map new areas. Then you'll know where to go on the cleanup day. Read more about how to map by clicking the link.

3. Join the existing team in your country - to find out if there is already a team active in your country, simply go to the 'Countries' section above and see the countries listed there. Each link leads to the country action homepage where you'll find the contact information and latest news from the local team.

4. Participate on the cleanup day - you can dedicate one day to make a big difference. Visit the 'Events' section above to see when are the cleanup days taking place in different countries. Bring your friends along and help out by simply cleaning up.

5. Spread the word - if you have friends who might be just looking for a chance to save the world, then be kind and help them out! From the 'Media' section you can find videos, flyers, newsletters, banners and other materials you can use, to let your friends know about World Cleanup and invite them to join.

If none of these work for you, but you are still determined to save the world from being wasted, write us: info [at] letsdoitworld [dot] org