World Waste Map is honest and real - let's show together where the garbage is!

It all begins with little steps - let's do more than just notice the waste. Let's put it on a map and create together a powerful tool to communicate the illegal dumping issue. Later, the collected data can be used to prepare the logistics for the local cleanups.

World Waste Map is a free tool we have created for you and your friends, your neighbors. It's for everyone to map illegal waste locally and globally. You can simply download the application to your mobile phone via the QR code on the right and map easily everywhere you go.

Mapping is easy and fun:

•    Map online or with your mobile phone - currently we have applications for iphones and android phones;
•    From any place in the world;
•    Provides useful data for the cleanups;
•    Helps to monitor the illegal waste issue in your area.

To see what's already mapped in your home area or anywhere else in the world, go straight to World Waste Map link on the left. If the waste is not there yet, you can just read the instructions and start mapping right away! 

Download the waste mapping instructions [PDF] »