Visit the Lets Do It media bank, where you can find great photos and videos of Lets Do It events and cleanups, from all around the world!

You can enter Lets Do It media bank here:

What is the media bank?

Let's Do It media bank is a free photo and video stock. We have created this to provide you with free high quality pictures from Lets Do It events and World Cleanup 2012 cleanups. Those pictures may be used only for noncommercial purpose or by media.

You are free to use and modify these pictures for a noncommercial purpose - for example if you are designing a campaign to promote a cleanup event in your country, you are most welcome to use our collection of photos from similar events all around the globe.

You can search picture by country, by tag-words and by type of events. As a user you can download all photos that you like - just click on the picture, then look for a “download” button in the footer, and then another click on that will start the downloading process.

You can also take full advantage of our video library here. Please be aware that you will not be able to download high-quality video material from this site. In case of such a need, please find the contact person information next to the video you have selected and ask this person directly for the video in better quality.