Albanian team is looking to turn things around in a big way

Green Line Albanian Team launched their cleanup plans recently to the public of Albania. We asked the team few questions on what exactly are their plans and what is the starting point for the team.

You presented your ideas to the local media. What did you publish and how did it go?

Ms Tanja FajonAt December 8, Green Line Albania launched the Project "Lets' Clean Albania in one day 2012, as part of Let's Clean World in one day 2012.
May 9th 2012 is the official date of action day.
The interest was very big from the other NGO-s, government and media. Ms. Tanja Fajon, Member of European Parliament is the Ambassador of Green Line Albania for this Project. Why Tanja? Because she is very loved by Albanian people from the day that she insisted for free movement (without visas) for us in European Union.
She was present during the presentation also with the Minister of Environment Mr. Fatmir Mediu, vice/chairman of Tirana Municipality Mr. Edmond Panariti, Mr. Ambasador of Republic of Slovenia in Albania Mr. Bojan Bertoncelj (who is the biggest support from the beginning for the Ta Pastrojme Shqiperine ne nje dite 2012).


How are the preparations going and what are you going to clean next year?

We are in the process of preparations, the following are the facts and figures of waste management in Albania.

Albanian waste management facts and figures

  • Total waste generation is 1.313.089 tonnes a year ( 857223 – urban waste and 455866 – solid waste) with 0.229 tonnes per year per person
  • Tirana has the biggest generation of these waste 327237 tonnes per year with 0.294 tonne per person
  • More than 10% /year, increase
  • More than 80% land filled
  • Less than 20% recovered (recycling)

We are being prepared to build the digital map that everything we have in paper to document it in the filed and at the digital map. Several groups are working for this.
We thought to share the frontline of Albania in six groups that will manage all the territory.
As per Albanian government support we are still in theoretical framework of cooperation. Within next week we will have a round table with the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sport, Education, Environment also with the participation of Municipality of Tirana.

Meanwhile the awareness campaign which aims to affect more than 90 percent of the Albanian population has practically commenced and will have its height during February, March, April till May 9, 2012. These three months will be covered also by promotional campaigns in the media.
We have planned to clean up 20 thousand tons of urban waste in all illegal dumpsites in Albania.

Please introduce your team and your plans during the World Cleanup project.


Initiative core team is as follows:
Ervin Shehaj - Team Leader, Esmeralda Hoxha - Project Director, Anjeza Sanço - Finance Management, Elvind Hoxha - Consulting and training manager, Mikel Papuçiu - Digital mapping and IT manager, Albana Cani – Marketing, Lumturi Shehaj – coordinator, Miranda Hajdini – coordinator. Over these 8 core pillars we will expand a whole structure for which we will inform in details in January.

Our Plans:

  • To build a digital map of illegal dumpsites.
  • To clean up illegal dumpsites in Albania—20,000 (maybe more), especially at mountains, lakes, rivers, see, near schools, touristic places etc
  • To involve 100,000 volunteers to participate in the realization of the cleanup
  • To attract all umbrella non-government and all NGO-s for a civic movement, government, partners to support the project financially or with their infrastructure
  • To raise the awareness about the greater problem of waste handling
  • To educate the youth generation regarding the environment

Why did you join the project?

We approached to this project because as I mentioned above, we - 8 persons - of core team have our own families and many of us are parents. We are facing more and more very rapid changes in Albania. We had closed economic system 20 years ago and we did not have as much consumption as now, in an open democratic system. This has brought on rapid changes on consumption and a chaos on waste management. Thus finding us unprepared as society and as a state.

Albania has three natural beauties: sea, fields and mountains, also an old cultural history which is promoted by our state – and WE want to keep it all clean.
Regarding the world: We as Green Line Albania with our optimistic nature think YES we all can clean the world, but of course - this needs a very-very hard work.