BLOG: Closing and Celebration (Let's do it! Asian conference 2012)

The Closing and Celebration Day, 11th of November, Sunday
by Taisto Uuslail

Our last day was for HARVESTING and CELEBRATION.

So – here we are – sharing our experiences how to be more pure and keep the world more clean. Last days have given us a lot of energy and contacts, inspiration and joy, to make it enjoyable and Do It Together.

We gathered into circle – to share our thoughts, ideas, fears. As it was spreaded – the main issues about volunteering, budget for NGO's, cooperation, connection, the differences of east and west, trust, etc.

For all of that we had communication games to share “what we experienced during the conference”.

In the connection circle we changed our conclusions – what could have been done better during the conference and balanced our moods and energies into one-being.


Meeting Summary – there should be local meetings organized on the next level. To make up practical plans for local cooperation and clean-ups. To create local networks of sustainable actions.
We could have focused on this already during the conference now, but in the flow we needed more time to spread the inspiration and visions and get to know each-other. So this homework has to be done by every country itself.
Important connections for cooperation were created – among different countries and leaders.
When organizing the conference – we can be greener or more sustainable, use simple solutions and avoid non-sustainable accessories.
We also set up the solution for “How to share the presentations and other conference materials”. All will be available for participants in ftp-server.

Asian Network – at the moment there has to be done cooperation work to connect western part of  Asia (India, Nepal, Pakistan, etc) and eastern part of Asia (China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan etc) To share the inspiration and experience of sustainable life forms – what is possible here in Asia? What works here as a sustainable solutions and actions?

Commitment – so this is the responsibility for all of us. Keep clean your own surroundings daily, then you notice that there isn't need for bigger clean-ups anymore.

Thank You all for participating and sharing the energy!

See You Soon!

LDIW Asian Conference core team

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