BLOG: First day in Nepal (Let's do it! Asian conference 2012)

Opening Day, 8th of november

by Taisto Uuslail

The beginning is always somehow harder, than all that is coming further. This time we were quite present, as there were many brains together and the “leadership of the new era” where everybody is responsible and present, works well on our core team. Consisting of Kaia-Kaire Hunt, Pille Pirn and Taisto Uuslail. There are also two persons helping us with video shooting and photographing the event – Paavo Eensalu and Ave Tuisk. There is also tremendous help of Anette Dölle from Netherlands.

During collective tea- and coffee break we had a chance to get to know each-other before the program even started. Very interesting people!

Our meeting holder Nara Petrovič, the “guru of glue”, started “sticking” people together already from the beginning. Together we created truly selfless atmosphere, that took all the guests. He introduced his own experience in Let's Do It movement as the coordinator of Slovenian cleanup and local LDI organization.

Then we got the greeting from Prabin Paudel from GreenActionNepal. He shared great thankfulness about having a chance to be a part of the project what is focused on saving our planet. And also thankfulness towards all the persons who are part of the project and this very conference. Also toward all the volunteers here in Nepal.

We continued with Estonian presentation by the core-team. Picking in the videos of the LDI movement. Which ended up with Rainer Nõlvak's address to all the participants of the conference. It received very warm applause.

After this, Nara was sharing again his own experience and introduced the mapping solutions through LDI cleanups.

Then we received GreenActionNepal presentation by Thakur Pandit. He was concentrating on the cooperation of governmental and voluntary work. Also the goals of the organization and the cleanups in Nepal. He sees it very necessary to develop the appropriate rules, regulations with funds. He points out that the government should come forward with coordinating and supporting roles. Here in Nepal success depends upon the support from the government. Finally he states, that first we should try to transform ourselves in attitudes; achieve some results from positive and practical actions,  then only we can support others.

Lucie Pecinkova, a chech lady working in Nepal for the Solid Waste Management Programme in collaboration with non-governmental organization WEPCO (Woman Environment Preservation Committee) which provides financial and technical support for it, described their business model that is operated solely by women, the initiative collects household waste and generates income by recycling it using efficient techniques. About 30 Nepali women have around 1000 households they cooperate by waste.

Prabal Raj Pakhrel, the president of GreenActionNepal, shared the perspective of being conscious concerning nature. He reminded that if you enter the nature you should leave it behind as clean as it was before. He concentrated on how to be responsible and aware of environment. Very honorable man.

Sabitha Ayral, the professor of environmental science in Kathmandu University, had very deep and warm talk about the inspiration of the LDI movement she already has got on the first day here. Also that the clean world starts already from everybody's home. Clean street is not the first option. And of course the clean heart, mentioned by Anette Dölle later on.

The evening ended up with a tasty dinner. In dinnertables there was an assignment to communicate with persons you don't know yet. So you could expand your worldview.

There is also one local organization called Nurture Nepal. It was established 2009 to focus on agriculture, environment, education and health. They have organized also cleanups.

Over 70 people was present on opening day in Kathmandu. Everybody was happy.

Looking forward to meet tomorrow!

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