BLOG: Just 3 more days until Limpa Brasília!

Dear all,

we are 3 days away from our second action in Brazil. Limpa Brasília is going to take place this Sunday, August 21st!

Like in Rio de Janeiro, we are handing out kits consisting of plastic bags and gloves in the branches of our sponsor Banco do Brasil prior to the action (today). As we wanted to focus more on education, we prepared workshops and presentations for students. Tomorrow, August 19th, Tião Santos, the leader of  the Association of Collectors of the Metropolitan Landfill of Jardim Gramacho, is going to Brasília’s schools to motivate students to be part of our movement as well as of a new, trash-free generation and simultaneously officially open up Limpa Brasília. On Saturday, 20th of August, we are getting everything ready for the action on Sunday, for example establishing 30 Ecopoints all over the city.

After the clean-up action on Sunday, there will be a clean show (“show limpo”) as a thank you for everyone who helped and volunteered for Limpa Brasil with many famous Brazilian artists who have shown their support and commitment to the initiative. For one filled bag of recyclable trash which needs to be brought to one of the Ecopoints, you receive 3 tickets to enter the show for which we prepared something special: we will hand out about 50 “lightsabers” to professional catadores. They will hold up a red light saber to signal trash found on the floor, the music stops and does not continue until it has been cleaned up and the catador signals this with a green light saber.

Furthermore, there is a new catador-youtube video online - feel free to check it out on our channel:

Another update is the registration of volunteers for the movement: to register you can now not only sign up on, but also fill in your data on facebook (Inscreva-se!).

We are looking forward to the action during the next three days, hope everything will work out and we will be able to look back on a successful second Brazilian clean-up! Thank you for your support! I will keep you posted on what is happening!

All the best from the Limpa Brasil team,

Limpa Brasil

Ann-Kathrin Pankow - Equipe Limpa Brasil