BLOG: Let's Do It Africa, Day 1

By Tayo Elegbede

"Every individual deserves a clean environment". That was the climax of the opening speech delivered by the representative of the Benin Ministry of Environment, Mr Oliver Paraiso at the First African Gathering of Let's Do It World in Cotonou, the economic capital of Benin Republic.

The three-day conference theme: The challenges towards environmental sustainability: Hygiene and Sanitation, has in attendance representatives from over 20 African countries, who will be brain-storming on ideas for waste management, the role of the civic action whilst proffering solutions to hygiene and sanitary challenges in Africa.

Welcoming participants to the conference, Mr Oliver Paraiso, noted that African countries need to arise to the task of ensuring and maintaining clean and healthy society. 

According to the German Ambassador in Benin, Hans Jorg Nuemann, government should formulate and implement policies that will facilitate environmental sustenance while individuals and private agencies should take care of their immediate environment .

Let's Do It World is a civic movement concerned with reducing the over 300 million tons of illegal garbage lying around in the world through massive cleanup actions. At the moment, about 96 countries of the world are a member of Let's Do It World.

The conference starting today, Monday 19th, will run through till Wednesday, 21th November, 2012 in the serene environment of the Cotonou, Benin Republic.