BLOG. Some results of El Salvador congress: best is yet to come

By Gilbert Argueta

congress realized on November 16th in El Salvador was the event that started a new paradigm about environmental impact at an NGO scale in the continent. The weekend, Let’s Do It El Salvador was part of the construction of a wall made of recycled tires organized by Colectivo Gravedades which will be used to prevent damages caused by rain during winter in the poor community of San Luis Tepezontes.

Besides the last event, the NGO has been able to create a new network with different NGO’s which are working with youth and social impact. For instance, the international organization present in more than 110 countries around the globe, AIESEC, has given the opportunity to involve international trainees in the initiative; these young leaders will be able to come to El Salvador to work in a specific project for 6 weeks encouraged by the desire of having an international approach.

For 2013, Let’s Do It El Salvador is planning to unify all these ideas and promote a new and integral way of changing the environmental culture of El Salvador by having a approach with communities and teaching the habitants how to use garbage in a viable and profitable way. The specific project that will be applied will be the construction of sustainable schools made out of plastic bottles; this project will be complemented with structural ideas that are already working around the globe.

In conclusion, the event gave the team of 12 countries the opportunity to gain more experience and create an American network that will be used to empower the existing ideas and improve the implementation of the actual plans in the countries. A Facebook group was already created and El Salvador team has plans to keep inviting all these NGO’s to all the activities made for one same project: a clean and healthy America.

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