Braś - Limpa Brasil Let’s do it!

Between 2011 and 2012, fourteen Brazilian cities will welcome the Limpa Brasil Let’sdo it movement and call upon their citizens to clean public spaces of their home city. Limpa Brasil is a civil movement and believes in the will power of the Brazilian citizen to change his habit and his respect for nature and its country. The main goal is to awakenthe individual responsibility and help the individual citizen to reflect on his habits of littering.

In October 9th 2011, 500 volunteers gathered in the region of Brás in São Paulo for a pilot cleanup action in collaboration with the neighborhood of Bristol. All participants received kits containing a bag made from renewable raw material and gloves. In total, two thousand and four hundred kits for action were available, to be picked up at

 one of the three  Points of Delivery.

Limpa Brazil


Volunteers were divided into several teams that went to collect the illegally disposed waste according to previously drawn maps. Each team was responsible for a specific region of Brás, around a certain

 Point of Delivery, so that at the end of the day the whole neighborhood would be clean. This group managed to collect 3 tons of recyclable materials. With the collaboration of the Cata-Bagulho operation, a project of the municipality of São Paulo for the removal of rubbish from the streets, it was possible to collect more than 12.7 tons of waste from the streets of Brás which was then led to a landfill.

Brás was the chosen region for this action because it has already suffered from serious problems with improper accumulation of trash in public spaces in the past. Monthly, 5,500 tons of organic waste wer collected from the streets of the region on average by Cata-Bagulho. Despite the improvement offered by an intensive environmental education campaign with the local community (the collected trash decreased to 3,000 tons), these numbers are still too high and deserve a proper attention. Thus, the Limpa Brasil team proposed to cooperate with this work of raising awareness, leading to the successful pilot cleanup action in Brás.