Catadores swept clean São Bernardo and Diadema in Brazil

May 6th 2012, Sunday, is a day that will always be remembered by the citizens of São Bernardo and Diadema as a special day of public mobilization. The Let's Do It! teams in Brazil organized public cleanup actions to engage communities to make real changes in the neighborhoods and raise the general awareness about illegal dumping.

We asked few questions from one of the organizers Mariana Midori:

How did the clean-up go?

"It went very well, better than we had expected. In comparison with the last action, which took place in comparable cities, we have picked 16 tons more this time."

How much waste did you clean up, and what kind of waste was it?

"People picked up 35 tons of recyclable waste - paper, plastic and metal, which were delivered to 40  flagstations around the cities."

How many people participated? Can you describe the people who took part in the action?

"5300 people participated. As always, people of all ages joined in. This time, people specially motivated were those who had been trained by the prefectures. Local communities' leaders brought lots of people into the action, there was even a circle of "capoeira", which was singing songs with the theme "garbage and environment"!

Volunteers of all ages accepted the invitation from Limpa Brasil and gave a beautiful example of citizenship to the rest of the country. The engagement of local communities' leaders was incredible, bringing more and more people to the action, which was fundamental to the process of changing the habits of people who have been throwing garbage on the streets and public places."

Mariana adds: "Atitude Brasil thanks all the volunteers from São Bernardo and Diadema for making it possible. Limpa Brasil Let’s do it!, through social and educational initiatives, intends to help people develop deep consciousness and understanding about environmental issues all over the country. Thank you all for being a part of this initiative!"

Have a look at the pictures:

Also there are some videos about the actions: