World Cleanup 2012 news

From green fashion to building bottle schools - El Salvador has big plans for 2013

The smallest country of Central America and one of the few world’s countries that has achieved reforestation - El Salvador, has one of the youngest and liveliest teams in the Let’s Do It! global family.

BLOG. The event (Let's Do It America Congress)

By Mario Orlando Guevara

Tuesday, November 13th, I took the last bus from Chalchuapa to San Salvador.

BLOG: Waste management in Africa (Let's Do It Africa, Day 2)

Day 2 of the Let's do it! Africa conference in Benin
By Tayo Elegbede

BLOG: Let's Do It Africa, Day 1

By Tayo Elegbede

BLOG: Closing and Celebration (Let's do it! Asian conference 2012)

The Closing and Celebration Day, 11th of November, Sunday
by Taisto Uuslail

Our last day was for HARVESTING and CELEBRATION.

BLOG: The Meeting Day (Let's do it! Asian conference 2012)

The Meeting Day, 10th of november
by Taisto Uuslail

Today we started with the funny permaculture music video “No such thing as waste”.
That's how it is! There are only things in wrong places...

BLOG: The Presentations Day (Let's do it! Asian conference 2012)

The Presentations Day, 9th of november
by Taisto Uuslail

So we moved! To another room, which pulled us more together – physically and also emotionally. Starting at 8:30am – there were 4 people in the room at this very moment ;o) But this is the Nepali style – just like in South-Europe or in South-Estonia - “Aigu om!” (no rush!)

Let's Do It! knowledge base - collecting and sharing the cleanup experience

The greatest value of acting together as an international community, is the chance to hear how other organizers have solved similar issues and challenges. To share the lessons and memorable stories from the action.

BLOG: First day in Nepal (Let's do it! Asian conference 2012)

Opening Day, 8th of november

Clean World Brainstorm and Clean World Conference coming up in 2013!

Cleaning up the trash is not something we want to keep on doing forever. Now that we have raised the issue in our homes and have the positive experience of cooperation through the cleanup actions, we need to take it to the next level. Let's start to look at the root causes and work together to bring permanent change.

How Germany got cleaned - report from the World Cleanup 2012 action

By Ann-Kathryn Pankow

On September 21st 2012 the International Let’s do it! clean-up campaign also motivated some German folks to clean up their homes. At the beginning of the organization of a Germany-wide cleanup the following question was raised:

Where should we clean? Where should we take the World Cleanup in our country?

Let's Do It! dives into the waters - Let's Do It! Mediterranean action

Some of you have already heard rumours about Let's Do It! actions moving from land to the water - a new initiative looking to clean up the beautiful Mediterranean sea and unite all surrounding countries in the effort. We spoke to the teamleader Helene Urva, a young Marine Biologist who's passion to care for the waters of our planet started already at the young age of 8.