World Cleanup 2012 news

Why we clean up?

By Neil Bailey (Initiator of Clean Nova Scotia)

The clean up day of Russia in Ulan Ude - the capital of Buryatia

 Russia is not just one of the biggest countries in the world, but also one of the biggest countries who are doing the cleanup action across whole country in one day. That requires very good co-operation and coordination among the extensive network of strong local leaders.

Italians are going to clean up their country, together with Cyprus, El Salvador, Argentina and Romania

This weekend the citizens of five different countries are going to take initiative in order to make a change in their living environment by collecting illegal waste. The civic-led clean actions will take place in Cyprus, Italy, El Salvador (San Salvador), Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Romania (Timis).

Seven more countries to mobilize forces for cleaner planet

In the coming weekend seven countries will join in for the Let’s do it! World Cleanup civic action in order to clean illegal waste in their countries and raise awareness on environment friendly life-style.

World Waste Status Project: The Starting Line for the Run towards Zero Waste

Cleanup is not enough. We need to start moving towards the world where cleanups are not necessary anymore - towards Zero Waste World. These are the recent talks within the Let’s Do It! network. And they slowly but steadily transform into next line of concrete actions.

Connect with others: Regional Let’s Do It! gatherings in November

We have some great news for you! This year in November we are inviting all our worldcleaners to get together in four different regional conferences. You can choose the gathering which is closest to you, to meet other activists in your region, to share and explore existing experiences from different countries.

Volunteers collecting waste in 6 countries and on 3 continents

This weekend there will be large-scale volunteer actions taking place in 6 different countries. These cleanups are part of a global grass-root action World Cleanup 2012, aimed to unite the society in participating countries to fight illegal dumping problem and lack of awareness about protecting the environment.

One mission, two countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina and South Africa collecting waste

This weekend, the activists of Bosnia and Herzegovina and South Africa are going to make an effort in order to have a waste free planet. Both cleanup teams hope to gather tens of thousands of volunteers with the mission to sweep the country in one day. Similar one-day cleanups have been taking place all over the world for the past years.

CoR: A helping hand for volunteering

16.05.2011 - What started off as a local idea has now blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon. In 2007, a group of Estonians dreamt up a scheme to rid their country of illegally dumped waste in just one day. Four years later the idea has caught on and ten countries have decided to follow suit. Local government support played a crucial role in this successful operation.

Thousands came out to clean Cambodian capital city

On 28th of August more than 5000 volunteers rallied the streets of Cambodian capital city Phnom Penh. The action concentrated on 14 different clean-up zones across the city, where both organic and non-organic waste was collected.

20 countries will be cleaned by activists

Within the next 5 weeks hundreds of thousands of volunteers are going to clean up their towns and country sides. The one-day civic actions are a part of the global civic effort, called World Cleanup 2012.

Summon the Coatsy: volunteering, garbage and guerilla marketing

Part of the World Cleanup 2012 project, Nova Scotia, Canada held its own action on the 8th and 9th of June.

In Cambodia they spread it on bikes!

We heard a rumour that in Cambodia they have a special team - Biking team. The big day is very close now - Phnom Penh is going to be cleaned up already on 28th of August!  So what do they do with the bikes and how are the preparations for the big event going in Cambodia? We talked to the Biking team leader Mr.

The cleanup team joins hands with Scouts in Cote d'Ivoire

Clean Up Cote d'Ivoire supported by Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environnement Côte d'Ivoire (JVE Côte d'Ivoire) negotiated a partnership with Scouts from Ivory Coast. The partnership will result in co-operation activities during Scouts national meeting that is taking place from 17th to 27th of August.

Our first live webshow about how to clean up a country

This monday we had a live webshow about how to clean up your country! The 1,5 hour show included video calls to different countries and was hosted by Annette from our Netherland's team, together with Jaap and others from CrowdRevolt.