World Cleanup 2012 news

Massive civic cleanups continue in Malta, Greece and Ukraine this weekend

The massive civic cleanup actions, connecting people in more than 90 countries this year, continue this weekend in Europe. The cleanups will be held on 28th, 29th of April and 1st of May in Greece, Ukraine and Malta. Volunteers are dedicating their day to clean up illegally disposed waste from land and sea.

Interview with Jaka from Slovenian team, by Noam Kostucki

Slovenia has been the most successful Let's Do It! team so far - engaging approximately 13% of their entire population to the action in both 2010 and 2012 cleanups. Now our new reporter Noam Kostucki is having a talk with one of the founding members and a real force behind the action, Jaka Kranjc, to find out, what's been happening in Slovenia. Kinetic Text by Paul Martin.


Massive civic cleanups in Albania, Austria, Croatia, USA, Latvia, Lithuania and Egypt this weekend

This weekend will see massive civic cleanup actions in three different continents and in 7 different countries. The cleanup actions are aiming to bring out altogether half a million volunteers, dedicating their day to clean up illegally disposed waste from land and sea on 20th, 21st and 22nd of April.

Let's Do It! Belgium team meeting video

Let's Do It! Belgium team had a meeting on 13th of April and here is a video about that meeting, including a message from French team. Let's Do It! Belgium team is actively looking for new and active members and welcomes all, who want to be a part of the action in Belgium - the cleanup action day has been already set on 22nd of September 2012!

News from Croatian team

Greetings fellow members of World Cleanup 2012!

Cleanup in Tunisia - "It was a challenge for us, but the results are extraordinary!"

Wassim Chaabane from Tunisian Let's Do It! team shares the emotions and results of the cleanup action in Tunisia, that took place in many different cities on 25th of March:
How did the clean-up action go?
It was an extraordinary day, throughout Tunisia.

Slovenian cleanup action - the 'after' interview with the team


Limpar Portugal 2012: "This time we could rely on the local leaders' experience"

Cleanup-day "Limpar Portugal" was held in Portugal for a second time, on 24th of March. All of Portugal was involved in the clean up action. "When you were going around on the streets on 24th of March, you’d see a lot of volunteers in different ages cleaning up and collecting garbage," said one of the action initiators Alberto Ferreira.

World Cleanup 2012 starts this weekend: actions in Portugal, Slovenia and Tunisia

On 24th of March, the global civic action named World Cleanup 2012 will be launched by massive cleanup days in Portugal and Slovenia, followed by a cleanup action in Tunisia a day after. The series of cleanup days, carried out in more than 80 countries will continue through the 6-month period of World Cleanup 2012, ending on 25th of September 2012.

World Cleanup 2012 in Tom & Ben News

Please have a look at a new video from Outfit7, where two funny and world-famous characters Tom and Ben announce the news about World Cleanup 2012. The video already has more than 2 million views!

Have a look and share with your friends as well: Tom and Ben World Cleanup 2012 News »

Blue Whale boat - a ship that wants to clean up our oceans

Greenocratic Organization logoDuring World Cleanup Conference 2012 numerous ideas and practical solutions were presented aimed at making the world a cleaner place.

Joan Marc Simon: Waste is a resource!

Joan Marc Simon, one of the engines behind Zero Waste movement, had an inspiring speech at Let's Do It! World Cleanup 2012 conference in Tallinn. We asked him to share the philosphy behind Zero Waste movement and talk about the possibilities to turn waste management into resource management.

World Cleanup 2012 initiators: The main obstacle is low awareness

Civic action leaders from more than 40 countries gathered at the Let's Do It! World Cleanup 2012 conference in Tallinn this week. The main goal was to gear up for the joint cleanup actions taking place in 82 different countries this year. 

Let's Do It!: Movement for activating communities to take the lead

Let's Do It! movement, which is bringing together more than 80 countries in a World Cleanup 2012 action this year, is activating a global network of civic leaders, scientists and experts to gather the most efficient and sustainable solutions for waste handling, production and product design, applicable for communities and enterprises worldwide.

Albanian team is looking to turn things around in a big way

Green Line Albanian Team launched their cleanup plans recently to the public of Albania. We asked the team few questions on what exactly are their plans and what is the starting point for the team.

You presented your ideas to the local media. What did you publish and how did it go?