World Cleanup 2012 news

Nepal and Greece in the midst of preparations

Nepal and Greece are two of the countries that have joined the LDIW project. Even  the dates of the clean-up actions have been announced: Greece (29.04.2012) and Nepal (05.06.2012). How prepared are their teams so far?

Big civic leaders gathering to kick off a global cleanup action

In 100 days, civic leaders in more than 80 countries will start with the most ambitious civic action in history: World Cleanup 2012. Leaders from all over the world are gathering in Tallinn, Estonia from 13 to 15 of January to kick off the preparations for the joint global cleanup action.

New York, December 14: Special WC2012 event in United Nations

Let’s Do It! team will be organizing a special event on the occasion of the 2nd Intersessional Meeting of UN Conference on Sustainable Development on Wednesday, December 14. 2011, 1.15 to 2.30 p.m. the United Nations North Lawn Building, Conference Room E

Let´s do it! team gives to a city cleaner look


About 40 well dressed youngsters entered the Chandrashekhar Azad park in Mahanagar on Saturday morning took out wastebags from their pockets and started picking up garbage one by one.

Romania did it again!

Romanian volunteersRomania did it again! In 2011, on 24th of September, 300 000 volunteers decided to change something in this country, to make it cleaner and to join Let’s Do It, Romania!

Braś - Limpa Brasil Let’s do it!

Between 2011 and 2012, fourteen Brazilian cities will welcome the Limpa Brasil Let’sdo it movement and call upon their citizens to clean public spaces of their home city. Limpa Brasil is a civil movement and believes in the will power of the Brazilian citizen to change his habit and his respect for nature and its country.

Let´s Do It! World Cleanup 2012 Conference

From 13th – 15th January 2012, the Let’s Do It! World Cleanup 2012 team will be holding the first global conference in the Estonian capital of Tallinn. 300 cleanup initiaters from 100 countries that have decided to join World Cleanup 2012 are representing their teams.

Cleanup action sweeping up Surulere, Lagos this Saturday

This Saturday, 8th of October, a civic-led cleanup action in Surulere, Lagos is bringing together thousands of volunteers, to rid the streets of illegal garbage. This cleanup action is a pre-event for the global volunteer action uniting 100 countries next year.

Let’s map it together – Big waste mapping week!

To get into the mapping mood and to try out how everything works, we are inviting you to take part in the mapping week. It is a week of organized and individual mapping that is taking place on 17th – 23rd of October 2011.

How you can take part?

Volunteers uniting 100 countries for a cleanup action

Volunteer groups and organizations from different countries are initiating a global action called World Cleanup 2012, with the aim of cleaning up illegal garbage in 100 countries and raising people's awareness worldwide.

Bulgaria will be cleaned up on April 21st next year

The pilot cleaning in the capital Sofia on April 9th this year was embraced by more than 40 000 people. Now the team is already preparing a country-wide action - the day of the big cleanup will be April 21st in 2012.

Let’s Do It Foundation

We have created a legal body to support our efforts towards the clean planet and better cooperation. The name of the body is Let’s Do It Foundation and it’s aim is to represent our global movement in dealings with our international partners and other organizations.

West Africa Let's do it conference

From 9th to 11th of September 2011, Let’s Do It! movement kick-starts in West Africa with a great get-together conference in Accra, Ghana in West Africa.

Get-together of South-Europe and North-Africa teams

Civic movement World Cleanup 2012 is starting to spread across the world, with ambition to clean up the whole world of illegal garbage! 

The World Cleanup 2012 conference in Washington D.C. this Saturday

The Let’s Do It! World team is most pleased to announce our first US conference. The workshop is taking place at the Estonian Embassy in Washington D.C., on Saturday, May 21st 2011. 

Address: 2131 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington D.C., DC 20008