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406 or the long story, when the dream came true

On May 12, European Parliament announced the first adopted Written Declaration of the year 2011 - Declaration Nr. 3, signed by 406 MEPs who decided to give their support to World Cleanup 2012 and ask the Commission to enforce EU waste legislation. Julie Clancier, the moving force and magician behind that dream-come-true is sharing the backstage story about how it all came to happen.

The European Parliament supports World Cleanup 2012

The European Parliament has given its endorsement to a global civic "clean up" initiative aiming to engage millions of volunteers from Europe and other regions of the world to clean up thousands of tons of illegal waste in 2012. Over 400 MEPs have signed a written declaration supporting the event, which is expected to count on the support of millions of volunteers next year.

AFP: Cyber-guided clean-up hopes to sweep globe

Cyber-environmentalists from Cambodia to Brazil are using Google Earth-based software to target and banish trash from the countryside as they gear up for World Cleanup 2012, event organisers said Friday.

Regional conference Let’s Clean the Balkans in One Day! ended successfully

Regional conference Let’s Clean the Balkans in One Day!, taking place from 15 to 17 April in Rimske toplice, Slovenia, ended yesterday. It was attended by 61 volunteers from 11 countries, who, in their country, will be in charge of organizing the largest voluntary environmental action in world history - World Cleanup 2012.

"This project is totally crazy!"

Let’s do it! movement is the simplest movement in the world to describe. Its mission statement and the entire “(trans-)political” program can be summed in one sentence: “Let’s clean up the waste from all illegal dumpsites in the world, together and right now!”

Let's create the biggest and ugliest map ever!

The reality around your homestreets, forests, parks, cities, beaches and villages won't get better, unless you open your eyes and mark down, what needs to be done. A new tool has arrived for those who choose not to live in denial - a map where you can make your homestreet's garbage visible, no matter where you live! World garbage map is here.

Putting the pressure on the top

Have you ever wanted to know more about what we are doing at the moment in order to promote our amazing movement in Europe and on the European institutions level? Well, read on and I'll tell you the story!

Julie Clancier

World Cleanup 2012

How does your dream world look like - all green and clean, blooming and beautiful? Now it's time to stop dreaming and start doing. We are calling people from all parts of the world to join in for the World Cleanup 2012. Initiate a cleanup in your home country or help us spread the word to your people and let's make this planet clean and beautiful again. 

Video: Slovenia having the largest volunteer action ever, plans for all-europe clean-up taking shape

See a video from Slovenian TV-channel, where organizers talk about the action on 17th of April and European commissioner proposes the idea of all-europe clean-up for next year. Translation to English also below.