Civic-led cleanup actions are bringing together hundreds of thousands of people in 6 countries this weekend!

The coming weekend will make history in Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United Kingdom and Turkey, which are all part of the 94 countries participating in the biggest civic movement in history - World  Cleanup 2012 - by organizing massive one-day cleaning action to collect illegally disposed waste in their countries. Moldavians will join their forces to clean up their whole country on 12 of May,  Romanians and Bulgarians have picked the same date for their nationwide cleaning day. The Democratic Republic of the Congo will clean their country on 12th of May as well.

“We are now at the end of our preparation and everything is going well: many people have shown great interest in helping out- media, newspapers, NGO-s, public sectors, schools, universities- all of them have agreed to join hands in order to clean up our country,” said Richard Joy Lukwete, the initiator of Let´s do it Democratic Republic of the Congo. The two main tasks of the cleanup day are: to clean up hospital waste, main roads and city rivers. Secondly, as the country is extremely large, during this cleanup they will aim to only clean up two territories: capital cities of different provinces and Matadi city- the chief sea port of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The team is hoping that more than 30 000 people will participate in the cleanup actions. “We are hoping that we will reach a point one day where everybody cleans after themselves daily and that this is only the beginning for our country in terms of the clean-up days. As Democratic Republic of the Congo is a large country we need many more days like this, in order to make a real difference,” said Richard Joy Lukwete, the initiator of Let´s do it Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The United Kingdom is going to cleanup their country on 13th of May, starting from 10 a.m. Hele-Kai Valtenberg, organizer of the Let's Do It! UK action, belonging to the World Cleanup 2012 series, says that the main goal for this year is to build a foundation for the coming actions and future collaborations between different organizations. "There are lot of perfectly functioning organizations in the UK, starting with Keep Britain Tidy. The partners for our action are Keep Scotland Beautiful, Keep Wales Tidy, and Tidy Northern Ireland. In addition, there is of course Let's Do It! UK and tens of other local organizations, but at the moment all those organizations are standing separately, doing their own thing." She adds: "Our goal is mutual and that's why I believe that in the UK we should join our forces and act together - if we could do this, the UK would become clean and clear." As one of the waste handling problems, Valtenberg points out the lack of trash bins in London: "Even if the trash bins were removed because of the safety and this is justified, the townsmen don't have the habit to carry the trash with them until they see a place where to drop it and the trash is more likely to be thrown on the street. At the moment the problem is solved by an effective cleaning of the streets, but  the minds of people should be changed instead of wasting millions of pounds to deal with consequences of behavioral habits."

The most active group of Let's Do It! UK is in Bradford and they are mostly students. There are also groups from Manchester, London, Leicester and Shropshire. JCI Liverpool is organizing an activity regarding waste handling which will take place in East- Sussex as well. In Scotland, Let's Do It! World Cleanup 2012 will team up with local movement National Spring Clean. The Rotary Clubs will join in nationwide as well.

In Turkey, cleanup events will be organized for the first time in three cities: Istanbul, Burdur and Bolu. While Cleanup in Mudurnu, Bolu will be held on May 10th, Istanbul and Burdur will be cleaned on May 12th. Uskudar will be the main location for the cleanup in Istanbul and Uskudar Municipality will act as the main partner. Panel discussions and concerts will follow the cleanup activities. The national coordinator, Derya Kaya, says: “It is our hope that the cleanup movement will motivate more people to take part in environmental protection.”

World Cleanup 2012 will follow with cleaning actions on 19th May in Algeria and El Salvador, 24th May in Kosova and Mali, 26th May in Mongolia, 27th May in  Brazil- São Paulo, and on 29th of May in Finland- Lapland.


World Cleanup 2012 is supported by Skype, Estonian Air and Carlson Rezidor Hotel group.

World Cleanup 2012 action calendar can be found here:

More information about World Cleanup 2012 global effort:

Tiina Urm, head of communications, World Cleanup 2012

Phone: +372 53000515

E-mail: tiina [at] letsdoitworld [dot] org




More information on the cleanup actions:


Project coordinator: Daniela Cibotari-

E-mail: daniela [at] hai [dot] md





Project coordinator: Stefan Buciuc

E-mail: stefan [dot] buciuc [at] letsdoitromania [dot] ro





Project coordinator: Maria Lazarova

E-mail: maria_lazarova [at] btv [dot] bg



United Kingdom

Project coordinator: Hele-Kai Valtenberg

E-mail: uk [at] letsdoitworld [dot] org




Project coordinator: Derya Kaya

E-mail: derya [dot] taediumvitae [at] gmail [dot] com




Democratic Republic of the Congo

Project coordinator: Richard Joy Lukwete

e-mail: atcc [dot] tcc [dot] ong [at] gmail [dot] com (atcc)atcc [dot] tcc [dot] ong [at] gmail [dot] com (.)atcc [dot] tcc [dot] ong [at] gmail [dot] com (tcc)atcc [dot] tcc [dot] ong [at] gmail [dot] com (.)atcc [dot] tcc [dot] ong [at] gmail [dot] com (ong)atcc [dot] tcc [dot] ong [at] gmail [dot] com (@)atcc [dot] tcc [dot] ong [at] gmail [dot] com (gmail)atcc [dot] tcc [dot] ong [at] gmail [dot] com (.)atcc [dot] tcc [dot] ong [at] gmail [dot] com (com)

Additional information:

The World Cleanup 2012 action is propelled by Let’s Do It! – an ambitious civic movement, looking to join people’s efforts all over the world to make a clean and healthy environment a reality. The movement started four years ago, in a little Nordic country of Estonia where 50.000 people came together to lift 10.000 tons of illegal garbage from roadsides, forests and towns in just 5 hours. Have a look at the 5-minute video about the action here:

In the following years the action spread to other continents and other countries – India, Slovenia, Serbia, Finland, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Cambodia, Russia, Hungary, Brazil and many more, inspiring millions of volunteers to participate in the action.

From the individual cleanup actions, the idea was born to gather together organizations and community leaders all over the world and make a joint action - World Cleanup 2012: a series of local, national and regional cleanup events taking place from 24th of March 2012 until 25th of September 2012. List of the countries who have joined the action is available on the movement’s homepage:

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