Clean World Brainstorm and Clean World Conference coming up in 2013!

Cleaning up the trash is not something we want to keep on doing forever. Now that we have raised the issue in our homes and have the positive experience of cooperation through the cleanup actions, we need to take it to the next level. Let's start to look at the root causes and work together to bring permanent change.

For this we are organizing two connected events, both taking place in Tallinn, Estonia -

Clean World Brainstorm - 29-31 January 2013

Inviting world’s brightest eco-thinkers, producers, designers, waste handlers and policy-makers to come together and draw up a Clean World action plan - what should be the next local and global steps towards waste-free world? What improvements could be made in tax policies, in the production processes, in design? How to rebuild the economy, so that the circle of production and consumption, the flow of materials would be complete? So that on one day there will be no such thing as waste or garbage - only resources. It's a big task, but we have to start from somewhere.
This brainstorm will be with very limited amount of places, so we select the attendees very carefully. If you know someone who should be invited, we would be very grateful if you could send your suggestion (persons name, e-mail, address and a short introduction) to: kersti [dot] kleesmann [at] letsdoitworld [dot] org

Clean World Conference 2013, 1-3 February 2013

Right after the brainstorm we are inviting together the network and friends of Let’s Do It! movement across the world to discuss the implementation of Clean World plan and to figure out our next steps as a movement for a clean and healthy planet that could be taken together with our teams in 96 countries and with millions of volunteers. How to transform our countries and our regions for good – so that we all can become the citizens of the Clean Planet.
If you want to become a part of global Let's Do It! family, this is a great way to jump on board!
For more info and for attending, please continue here.