CleaNap and cleanup – the story of Naples, Italy

Beware of an event that will engage all cities in Italy 16-24 September to join citizens in cleanup actions. The week is called "Puliamo il Mondo" ( inspired by Clean Up the World, a community based environmental campaign that empowers communities from every corner of the globe to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment (

The Promoter of Clean Up The World in Italy is Legambiente that can be held "responsible" for the cleanup events that will each be independent of the others and organized by local associations following the mission of Clean Up the World. Legambiente has also contacted CleaNap Piazza Pulita in Naples, to support them.


CleaNap Piazza Pulita

CleaNap is an incredibly enthusiastic organization in Naples that also cooperates with Let's Do It World to make next year a fabulous cleanup year!

The movement started by organizing symbolic actions to clean up two large squares
of the city of Naples. The ways of participation were easy: an event was created in social networks and everyone who participated brought a "tool" (brooms, shovels, plants, etc) to give a hand.

The ideology of CleaNap is very much alike to the one of Let`s Do It: everybody can take part to, no matter what their political or ideological ideas are. Their aim is to create a new urban and voluntary civic movement through the simple but nevertheless extremely challenging actions to raise awareness in citizens and institutions.

Even their name stands for all their values. CLEANAP is a crasis of the verb “to Clean” and the town’s name Napoli. If you pronounce it, it will sound as “Clean up” which double meaning seemed particularly appropriated for their mission. Same thing goes for the subheading Piazza Pulita that in Italian means not only “tidy square”, but also “to make a clean sweep of something”.

First cleanup organized by CleaNap took place 11 June 2011 and started off with 80 people participating, whereas the last cleanup already joined approximately 500 people and has gained lots of media coverage.

Being rightfully inspired by their success, they spread their activities to schools resulting in one class of children taking part of a "food waste recycle project” as of this October already.

Ambitions for the future are naturally numerous, but currently their concentration is on:

1. creating a "worthy square" in the old town, where all bars, shops etc. will have a returnable bottle system that CleaNap will arrange;

2. a project "The sound of recycling" which aims to work with a group of musicians (mainly drummers) that will help to spread the message of importance and the ways of diving and recycling the rubbish through the music.

Naples' garbage problem

CleaNapThe infamous reputation of Naples due to garbage is well known to almost everybody. However, people are not equally aware of the reasons for this to be so.

The main problem lays in the connection between the Camorra (local mafia) and the politicians which approve and allow for Camorra to have the power it holds. The designated dump sites are in many cases used for other purposes to earn money and recycling is not useful because it will reduce the amount of garbage being incenerated. The latter also creates opportunities of bribing by favoring certain entrepreneurs to build new inceneration plants and receive public financing because the law in Italy distributes a percentage of income from electricity bills to the plants for producing energy!

In the area, a lot of illegal industrial and toxic waste has been gathered for money making purposes from Italy and abroad without any control or legal interruption to such action.

CleaNap has now raised this as an issue which needs immediate solving and turning things for the better. Thus, CleaNap is not only something connected to RUBBISH, they are standing up for the home that they love and inspire others to do it as well. The spirit, without which the World Cleanup 2012 wouldn`t be possible.

Get yourself involved!

At the moment CleaNap has gathered more than 200 virtual participants for the upcoming week that hopefully will be 200 or more people on the cleanup day 18 September in Naples. All can join! See and support

To paint a bigger picture, last year Puliamo Il Mondo by Legambiente joined over 700 000 volunteers in 1 700 Italian municipalities to remove tons of waste left in 4 500 places in Italy. This year at least the same is hoped to achieve.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that next year we will be doing it already together!


Written by Kadi Kenk