Cleanup in Austria: 50 000 people and counting

Austria had a cleanup day on 21st of April to gather people in cities, towns and villages to participate in the united effort to make Austria cleaner. The organizing team partnered up with many different organizations and municipalities across the country to engage local communities, students and families in the action.

Sarah Reindl, one of the initiators of the action, says that exact participation numbers are not clear, but in Styria alone, where she herself participated, about 50 000 volunteers were taking part of the cleanup, adding that: "Styria was just one of the participating areas in Austria, so I believe the impact of the whole action was huge!"

The Austrian most famous city and the capital, Vienna, is going to have several cleanup actions, up until 8th of May.

Sarah and her friends found 150 cans from their 3km cleaning path on 21st of April

Image: Sarah and her friends found 150 disposed cans from their 3km long cleaning path.

But according to Sarah, this is just a beginning for this team and for the country: "We are definitely planning on doing ONE nationwide cleanup day next year and use our now established contacts. Then our main task is the promotion to get many many people to join in!"

Media was covering the event extensively, few examples:[id]=1

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