The cleanup team joins hands with Scouts in Cote d'Ivoire

Clean Up Cote d'Ivoire supported by Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environnement Côte d'Ivoire (JVE Côte d'Ivoire) negotiated a partnership with Scouts from Ivory Coast. The partnership will result in co-operation activities during Scouts national meeting that is taking place from 17th to 27th of August.

"Scouts are organizing the jamboree, and it is an opportunity for young people to be informed about issues and topics concerning our environment," said Epinzagne Augustin, team member of Clean Up Cote d'Ivoire. "There will be more than 5000 young people attending the jamboree and we are going to train with them," Augustin added.

The Scouts and the CUCI team will co-operate also in organizing a cleanup action together on 24th and 25th of August. "We are doing this action with some young people who are camping, in one of big rally of scouts of Côte d'Ivoire," said Epinzagne.

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