Cleanup in Tunisia - "It was a challenge for us, but the results are extraordinary!"

Wassim Chaabane from Tunisian Let's Do It! team shares the emotions and results of the cleanup action in Tunisia, that took place in many different cities on 25th of March:
How did the clean-up action go?
It was an extraordinary day, throughout Tunisia. The action was simultaneously in many different cities and places : In Sfax, Monastir ,Bizerte, Kef ,Hammamet, Kélibia, Nabeul, Jendouba, GABES, Kerkennah islands, l'Ariana, La Marsa, Hammam Lif, Djerb, Sousse, Rades, Tozeur, El Manar,
The media was present also, have a look at the news story about our action here:
especially enjoyed the action in the city where I live, where there was a great celebration before and after the cleaning action, with music and two animations "Boulbeba ben salah" and "Joker". Both of these animations reach out to children and their parents, to get through a message about not littering the streets.
How much waste did you clean up, and what kind of waste was it?
In Sfax, we could collect more than 400 large bags, mostly filled with household waste, plastic, paper and also some organic matter.
In the other regions, it varied between 200 and 500 large bags of waste.
How many people participated in the cleanup?
To estimate the number of participants, we created event on facebook for each region, and the result was more than 4000 participants. But the actual number might have been much bigger, as many people who were passing the streets, joined in and helped us!
Did you do any other actions besides cleaning?
Among the goals, that we worked on, during this action, was to raise the awareness of parents and children about environmental issues. To make them realize the importance of paying attention to our ecosystem. For this we used animation and games in Sfax. We also distributed eco-bags in Bizerte. 
This action was a challenge for us, given the very short period of preparation time and our other commitments. But as we say - Tunisians don't know the word impossible!
I want to thank all of those people who helped us, to achieve such mission impossible! Acting together is the only way how we can move forward with our environment and our planet and make it clean and healthy again.