CleanUps this weekend: Romania and Brazil

Perhaps you have noticed there is an important weekend coming up. This weekend, we have two Cleanups: Brazil is doing the first sweep of city of Campinas on Sunday. Romania is having the second Cleanup, Let's Do It, Romania on Saturday!

Romanians, who had almost a quarter of million people participating last year are even more serious this year: they dream of doubling the participation, up to half a million people! That's 500 000 people.

What can I say? The absolute record of Clean-Up Day participation is with Slovenia for a time being, 275 thousand people.

I remember my first meeting with Romanian team. It was during our first Let's Do It Conference in Tallinn, January last year. I had chance to talk to Anamaria, Anca, Tudor. One afternoon we had a serious discussion with Romanian girls: They explained that it is extremely difficult to mobilize Romanians. That they are not like Estonians. That the country is huge. That Romanians don't like volunteer work. That the Romanian team has had many meetings but results are not much. That they are kind of stuck.

That was an honest discussion. Frankly, I could see it was not easy for them. They had worked hard for a dream. We tried to figure what to do. I urged them to go mapping at least few spots and go from there. To keep trying.

That was 20 months ago.

If talking does not help, try doing. If you are stuck, try going around. If you fall, get back up. This is exactly what you did, Romania! Here you are, waiting for tomorrow. Thousands of your countrymen and women are packing their stuff right now, waiting to join you. They are coming to clean their homeland but they are also coming to help YOU! Now, isn't it worth your effort? People will come because you didn't get stuck. They will come because you had guts at hard times. They will come because you succeeded!

I'm truly proud of you, Romanian team.

Good luck for today and tomorrow! Let's Do It, Romania! Limpa Campinas!


In Estonia on Friday, September 23rd, 2011