Connect with others: Regional Let’s Do It! gatherings in November

We have some great news for you! This year in November we are inviting all our worldcleaners to get together in four different regional conferences. You can choose the gathering which is closest to you, to meet other activists in your region, to share and explore existing experiences from different countries. This time the conferences will also look into steps and solutions on how to create a lasting change in your country – if you’ve made the first big step and united the society in the big cleanup action – what comes next? What can we do together to create lasting changes in our countries and on this planet?

Let’s Do It! conferences are not your usual conferences – these are informal gatherings where you will get valuable and very practical knowledge and build contacts with active people. You will leave the conference feeling inspired, empowered and ready to make even bigger changes in your home and in your country!

We welcome all the experienced cleaners, as well as those of you, who are still at the very beginning to the gatherings in following locations:

Conference in Nepal for Asian countries, 8.-11. November. Working language: English. Registration and additional information: Pille Pirn, pille [dot] pirn [at] letsdoitworld [dot] org

Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia for European countries, 8.-11. November. Working language: English. Registration and additional information: Tatjana Lavrova, tatjana-lavrova [at] gmail [dot] com

Conference in Benin for African countries, 19.-21. November. Working languages: French and English. Registration and additional information: Irita Raismaa, irita [at] letsdoitworld [dot] org

Conference in El Salvador for North-, Central- and South-American countries, 15.-18. November. Working languages: English and Spanish. Registration and additional information: Kerttu Olõkainen, kerttu [at] letsdoitworld [dot] org

If you wish to attend any of the conferences, please let us know by the end of September!

Gathering in Nepal focuses on different ways on how to unite active people in the region for environmental conservation. “The countries who have already organized cleanup actions will share their experience and during the conference several workshops are organized which will be dealing with the subjects of teambuilding, PR and communication, finances, logistics, mapping, IT and many others,” says the coordinator for the conference, Pille Pirn. She also emphazises that the participants attending will have a say in the most relevant issues and topics to be covered during the conference.

Gathering in St. Petersburg, Russia will bring together teams from different areas of Europe. The coordinator for the conference, Tatjana Lavrova brings out that the focus of the conference will be on achieving the long-term change, looking for solutions which will help the participating teams and countries to put different zero-waste strategies into effect. That would include ways on how to raise the general awareness in the society as well as co-operation strategies with governments and local authorities to arrive in the better policies for handling waste and protecting the environment.

Irita Raismaa, coordinator for the African conference, shares that one of the main themes for the conference in Benin, is looking to be the issue of hygienic and sanitary problems in Africa as well as gathering action and co-operation ideas for the future. “Also sharing experiences from the cleanups will be an important part as it looks like half of the countries attending will have already conducted cleanup actions, as other half has not,” said Raismaa.

Kerttu Olõkainen, responsible for the conference taking place in El Salvador, is expecting participants from all over the Americas who are interested in participating in many of the organized workshops for experience-sharing in the fields of team building and management, mapping, media and communications, IT-tools, logistics, coordination of volunteers, partnerships, main challenges and solutions, long term solutions and ideas and many more. As with other conferences the participants will be coming from the region as well from the core team of World Cleanup 2012 organizers.

For specific information about the attending and registration, please write to the conference organizers whose contacts you can find above.