Flashmob in Albania

Flashmob in Albania

On April 22, 2012 Green Line Albania with the support and collaboration of Peace Corps Albania and Club Fm organized the first Flashmob ever in Albania. With the participation of more than 200 people of different ages, it was a celebration of the Erath Day in Parku Rinia, Tirana. This day was a collective meeting with volunteers from several cities of Albania - they played, danced, met many different people, discussed together about the importance of having a clean country and about how to get there.

Here is a video about the Flashmob:

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What an honor it was to be

What an honor it was to be part of this day! An Earth Day "smart mob", a flash mob with a social message! Participants represented nearly 35 cities and towns across the country! It was a great day....but the work continues. Let's Do It, Albania!