The greatest civic campaign in history has finally spread to Greece

In the next few weeks the announcement will be made and the entire country will begin preparations for the largest clean up in its history. Greece was not known for its volunteers and civic actions or for its environmental awareness before. But nowadays the situation has changed. In the last few years its people have come to witness the necessity of both. When a clean environment to live in is considered as a second priority by the official state bodies, judging by the frequent disappointing results, civilians take action and stimulateclean up actions by themselves.

So did HSWMA (Hellenic Solid Waste Management Association), a scientific non profit association promoting sustainable waste management in Greece, and the environmental association “Time for Action”, a group of young people doing what they can to raise awareness and keep the environment clean and safe.

The pair joined forces in order to work together to bring “Let’s do it” in Greece and get people to realize that a clean environment is something we should all care about, making it a first priority. Just like in all the other countries were the action “Let’s do it” has already taken place, they will cooperate bringing together as many people as possible to clean up the entire country in one single day. It is a difficult task, but has fortunately proven to be anything but impossible.