Let´s do it! team gives to a city cleaner look


About 40 well dressed youngsters entered the Chandrashekhar Azad park in Mahanagar on Saturday morning took out wastebags from their pockets and started picking up garbage one by one.

Morning walkers stopped and watched them to clean up with ant-like precision. Within minutes the park wore a clean look. The youngsters got together at the end of the drive and yelled „Let´s do it!“

Well, Let´s Do It is the name of the project run by two leading NGO-s

Alexis Society for Cultural Upliftment and Lacis Learning. The park cleaning was just part of their waste-collection drive. The clean-up brigade heaped tons of garbage at one place to be                disposed of by the municipal corporation.

Let´s do it coordinator Rihabh Rastogi said, „The real mission of the project is to change people´s mindset and make them environmentally-concious. We are trying to emulate Estonia´s example where people cleaned 10,000 tons of garbage in a day“ This campaign is still in its nascent stage in Lucknow „We will be more in numbers next time. And then more ...as a cumulative effect of the drive,“ said Rastogi and added „ We should try and answer three questions-whose waste is it? Whose place is it? Do you feel proud of your city? I am sure the three questions are enough to tell you the importance of keeping your city clean with same concern which makes you clean your house“