Let's create a global game of WASTRIS!

In Slovenia, the big volunteer cleanup is scheduled for March 24, 2012. The project team is determined to make this day a lasting experience with long-term positive impacts on the general public awareness about responsible waste management. We have prepared a rich awareness raising campaign to support the project goals as we want our message to reach all segments of the population. One of its focal points is to make waste separation a fun and easy activity that everyone can master. To this end we are now upgrading our waste separation computer game called WASTRIS, which is based on the widely known game of TETRIS. We invite the entire World Cleanup 2012 community to join us in this micro project, so together we can create a global game of WASTRIS. Care to join us?  

Awareness raising impact and promotional value

The concept of the game is simple: each player must correctly identify the category of each item of trash, falling down from above, and then put it into the correct garbage bin. Each bin is of different color. The colors are standardized according to the waste separation system in the country of reference. In Slovenia, they are black for mixed trash, yellow for packaging and plastics, green for glass, red for dangerous waste, and blue for paper.

In Slovenia, last year’s simple version had huge success – in one day alone 12.000 people played it and now it is used as an educational prop in elementary and secondary schools, and companies are using it in their own environmental projects. You can try it out here, knowledge of Slovenian not required: smetris.ocistimo.si

This year we want to make the game even more challenging by introducing more complex items of waste. The graphics will be somewhat like this: 3dimenzija.si. The leading character of the game will be called Spikey. The rules of the game will be adjusted to individual countries and their specifics.

Furthermore, we want to make the game global, so that each country of the World Cleanup will have its own game of WASTRIS. It will unite us even more and raise our chances of reaching the ultimate goal – a zero waste planet.

What you need to do

In order to make this game custom-made for all countries of the World Cleanup 2012, we need input about your waste separation systems. By filling out the spreadsheet survey we prepared, national organizers of World Cleanup 2012 will provide us with the information on the specifics of waste separation system in each country. What we need is the number and standard colors of garbage bins in each country. Then, the list of different waste items need to be categorized accordingly (in the survey, mark the item with the suitable garbage bin). if additional columns are needed, just add them to the chart. You can also leave some of the columns empty if such a thing does not exist in your country. One filled out survey per country is needed. The data will be collected, analyzed and implemented by the Slovenian team in co-operation with the Slovenian company XLAB, global sponsor of World Cleanup 2012.

The survey is available here: http://ebm.si/p/osvet/ABC-waste.xls
If you have any questions or doubts, contact the Slovenian team, we will respond immediately. When finished, e-mail the survey to this address: info [at] ocistimo [dot] si.
It will take you only 30 minutes but the end product will be priceless on the way to your success.


The WASTRIS game will be available free of charge for every participating country. The sponsor IT company will make sure you get it in the format that is compatible with your site, youtube channel and other communication channels. The idea is to the game of WASTRIS installed in the entry pages of every country’s webpage as well as on the www.letsdoitworld.org page. We believe this is an opportunity no participating country can afford to miss.

Text and photo by: Polonca Štritof, Head of Communications, Team World Cleanup 2012 Slovenia