Let's Do It! knowledge base - collecting and sharing the cleanup experience

The greatest value of acting together as an international community, is the chance to hear how other organizers have solved similar issues and challenges. To share the lessons and memorable stories from the action. The conferences and gatherings work as a great channel to do that, but as the need to ask, share and gain insight may also happen outside the conference, we have started to gather the experiences in a written form, so that more people could have an access to this valuable knowledge.

All of our teams have been invited to fill in the answers and descriptions about their work so far – how have they prepared their actions, what happened during the event and what were the results of the efforts. Now you can already see some of this information on the countries’ pages in our international homepage. The information is grouped by certain topics – logistics, mapping of the waste, engaging the volunteers, teamwork etc. You can reach this information by going to the ‘Countries’ link in the main menu and then clicking on the specific country name in the table that opens. Right now about 40 different countries have their information up. We kindly ask all of our teams who have been active but haven’t managed to share their experience yet, to contact birjo [at] letsdoitworld [dot] org for further details on how you can do this. We thank all of the teams who have already made this great contribution! This is a valuable support for all the organizers in other countries - which will make the upcoming cleanups hopefully even more successful, so that we can have even stronger positive impact on our beautiful planet and it's habitants! 

Here are some direct links to the countries' pages that already have the more specific info about their World Cleanup 2012 action:

24.03 Portugal http://letsdoitworld.org/country/portugal

24.03 Slovenia http://letsdoitworld.org/country/slovenia

25.03 Tunisia http://letsdoitworld.org/country/tunisia

15.04 Brazil (Santo Andre) http://letsdoitworld.org/country/brazil

21.04 Lithuania http://letsdoitworld.org/country/lithuania

21.04 Croatia http://letsdoitworld.org/country/croatia

21.04 Latvia http://letsdoitworld.org/country/latvia

21.04 Austria http://letsdoitworld.org/country/austria

23.-29. 04 Sweden http://letsdoitworld.org/country/sweden

29.04 Greece http://letsdoitworld.org/country/greece

01.05 Malta http://letsdoitworld.org/country/malta

06.05 Brazil (São Bernardo and Diadema) http://letsdoitworld.org/country/brazil

12.05 DR Congo http://letsdoitworld.org/country/dr%20congo

12.05 Bulgaria http://letsdoitworld.org/country/bulgaria

13.05 United Kingdom http://letsdoitworld.org/country/uk

19.05 Algeria http://letsdoitworld.org/country/algeria

20.05 Thailand http://letsdoitworld.org/country/thailand

26.05 Mongolia http://letsdoitworld.org/country/mongolia

29.05 Lapland http://letsdoitworld.org/country/finland

02.06 Hungary http://letsdoitworld.org/country/hungary

05.06 Nepal http://letsdoitworld.org/country/nepal

23.06 Azerbaijan http://letsdoitworld.org/country/azerbaijan

29.07 St Lucia http://letsdoitworld.org/country/saint%20lucia

26.08 Cambodia (Phnom Pehn) http://letsdoitworld.org/country/cambodia

14.-16.09 Georgia http://letsdoitworld.org/country/georgia

15.09 Armenia http://letsdoitworld.org/country/armenia

15.09 Belarus http://letsdoitworld.org/country/belarus

21.09 Germany http://letsdoitworld.org/country/germany

22.09 France http://letsdoitworld.org/country/france

22.09 Belgium http://letsdoitworld.org/country/belgium

23.09 Cambodia (Sihanoukville) http://letsdoitworld.org/country/cambodia

29.09 Romania (Timiș) http://letsdoitworld.org/country/romania

30.09 Brazil (Belém) http://letsdoitworld.org/country/brazil

06.10 Macedonia http://letsdoitworld.org/country/macedonia