Let’s map it together – Big waste mapping week!

To get into the mapping mood and to try out how everything works, we are inviting you to take part in the mapping week. It is a week of organized and individual mapping that is taking place on 17th – 23rd of October 2011.

How you can take part?

First get yourself introduced on how to map – see our waste mapping manuals and if you have any questions you can write to mapping [at] letsdoitworld [dot] org

Mapping is most fun if you do it as a group activity. You can have one team and share tasks or split into teams and divide areas to compete with each other.

To collect the data you either need an Android or iPhone with an application, or just a photo camera, to take pictures of the garbage.

Make sure your photos will be geotagged or just take an ordinary map with you to mark down the exact locations – these will help you to find the right locations for the dumps if you add them on the online waste map later. If you use the mobile applications, you don’t need to worry about that.

1. With friends and family

Invite your friends or family and spend few hours by going around in your neighborhood to hunt down the garbage together. See who has the best eye for garbage and can spot more dumping places or who can find the biggest waste dump.

2. With your organization

You can also put your organization on the map this week – organize a fun teambuilding exercise with your colleagues, classmates or hobbygroup and map garbage together. You can write to us at mapping [at] letsdoitworld [dot] org to get information on how to register your organization as a mappers group.

3. Organize a public mapping event

If you want to invite together more people from your neighborhood, you can also organize a public mapping event. Make sure you have all the necessary permissions, inform local media, engage the community leaders and put up the info so that people will know when and where to come. You can read more about the mapping process and download some promotion materials from here.