Limpa Goiânia!

In the past 2 weeks two Brazilian cities cleaned up their homes, streets and public places. All together 149 tons of recyclable materials were collected by 23,000 volunteers and left Brasília and Goiânia clean and beautiful!

In Brasília the numbers of 8,000 volunteers are confirmed (59 tons) and in Goiânia 15,000 volunteers, especially children, helped to clean up the city (90 tons).

As the movement was majorly focused on education in Goiânia, it was wonderful to see how many students, teachers, parents and alumni embraced the opportunity to change the reality of littering and participated on those two days last weekend. They did handicraft works with recyclable materials and discussed what our world would look like with a lot of trash and without. About 130 schools were involved in the project and the materials were collected and gathered at 24 schools which functioned as Ecopoints. Professional catadores separated them and afterwards they were taken to places in order to be recycled properly.

The shows after the clean-ups that were organized as a Thank You! were successful and fun as well! About 3,000 people in each of the cities came and watched local and national artists who are supporting the Limpa Brasil Let’s do it! movement perform!

Thus, we are looking back on two successful clean-ups and are ready to get even more volunteers in the upcoming clean-ups in Campinas (September 25th) and São Paulo (the first 3 weekends of October).

All the best from the Limpa Brasil team to our fellow catadores!

Ann-Kathrin Pankow - Equipe Limpa Brasil

Limpa Brasil


Limpa Goiânia!

Limpa Goiânia!