Massive civic cleanups continue in Malta, Greece and Ukraine this weekend

The massive civic cleanup actions, connecting people in more than 90 countries this year, continue this weekend in Europe. The cleanups will be held on 28th, 29th of April and 1st of May in Greece, Ukraine and Malta. Volunteers are dedicating their day to clean up illegally disposed waste from land and sea. The cleanup actions are all part of the World Cleanup 2012 civic action series, taking place from 24th of March until 25th of September this year.

On the 28th of April there is the second cleanup action held in Ukraine. The first one was held on 16th April 2011. This year there are more than 70 towns and cities participating in the action and the goal is to bring together 100 000 people to gather enormous amount of illegal waste from public areas. Another goal of the action is to raise the awareness in Ukraininan society about illegal dumping problem as well as sustainability issues. “Our main goal is to show people that they make changes with their gathered efforts. So the special goal is to raise more local initiatives, more local projects – inspired by experience of our project”, said the Let's do it, Ukraine! project coordinator Yuri Pyvovarenko.

Day after, on the 29th of April, another ambitious cleanup takes place in Greece, where one of the biggest problems is construction waste. “To face this problem we plan on taking action mainly as prevention goes. We want the people to learn about the problem first and then suggest some sustainable solutions”, said the project coordinator Harry Vlassopoulos.

Greece wants to make the cleaning a part of everyday life. “If we learn to help each other and work then I think that the results could be wonderful. Also we don't want Let's do it Greece to be suppressed into just one day of the year. Keeping our environment clean is something that has to be done all of the time. This is why through the campaign we promote "Area Adoptions". Any group of people can choose a specific area which they will keep an eye on all the time and keep it environmentally healthy. We think that this idea could go really well with the schools seeing as how it could really teach them to love and respect the environment around them”, said Harry Vlassopoulos.

Malta is having a cleanup on 1st of May and according to the organizers a lot of  NGO's all over the country have joined the efforts. Malta’s team has been busy with mapping the waste, using World Waste Map, a free software created by the Let’s Do It! movement – to able everyone all over the world to map illegally dumped waste.

Next World Cleanup 2012 actions will be taking place on 5th May in Estonia, 6th May in Brazil - São Bernardo and Diadema and Mexico - Toluca, followed by cleanup action in Democratic Republic of the Congo and Finland on 10th of May.

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