The Movement Do It Together! successfully accomplished the first cleaning

Do It Together! – is a public all-russian action to get rid of trash. On October, the 8th the pilot cleaning in sub-Moscow area took place and further on the initiative would grasp the territory of the whole country.

The organizers expect that a wide range of different people will join them and make their contribution to joint campaign - only together we can achieve great positive results within the scale of a whole country. It is urgent to remove all trash dumps that pollute places where we live, work and have rest. It is urgent to let us and our kids to breathe clean air. Together we are stronger!

The presentation of the all-russian public action on cleaning Do It Together! took place on July 27th in the Moscow Region Government Building. Within the framework of the pilot cleaning action on October 8th in 12 sub-Moscow regions more than 2000 people with support of special machinery collected 3000 cubic meters of trash. More detailed report of the action is available at (in Russian).

Do It Together! is ready to cooperate with companies, public organizations, non-commercial structures and private individuals. We believe that everyone can contribute to the project's success and each, even symbolic contribution is important.

Since August 15th up to September 24th the first phase of the project "Intelligence" took place. The aim of run-up was to detect as many trash dumps and chaotic garbage piles as possible all around Moscow region. All dumps were photographed, classified and cataloged. This work was made during special raids by district intelligence groups and volunteers participated.

Organizers of Do It Together! also pay attention significant attention to educational activities. We are not just removing trash, we tell where it originates from and how to reduce it to reasonable amounts. We explain why separate collection and recycling of trash are necessary.

We consider children and teenagers as the most favorable audience for those informational campaigns. They learn new information better than adults and easier adopt new consumption habits. Within the special action for kids "Put-It-Away" we intend to relate what a civilized treatment of trash means and what happens when it is ignored. In the special part of the site we are going to collect the most important and vivid visual materials.

In parallel with the project of all-Russian trash removing organizers of Do It Together! are launching a project of a serial photo-exhibitions with photos of Russia's beautiful places, actively attracting people's attention to the problems of territories' pollution.

It is noticeable that the Russian Federation Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at multiregional Conference of "United Russia" supported activists who were going to clean Russia off trash. The active member of the movement "Musora.Bolshe.Net" (Zero waste) Olga Malanicheva asked if Vladimir Putin was going to participate in preparation of the cleaning and Putin put forward a resume, "It seems to me a good initiative. Let's try." He promised as well to take all the necessary actions to support the movement so that it was eventually realised.

Do It Together Team
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