Nepal and Greece in the midst of preparations

Nepal and Greece are two of the countries that have joined the LDIW project. Even  the dates of the clean-up actions have been announced: Greece (29.04.2012) and Nepal (05.06.2012). How prepared are their teams so far?


Eight months ago Mr. Prabin Paudel, a lecturer, also working on numerous environmental and tourism related projects, received an  e-mail from Pille Pirn (regional coordinator) introducing the LDIW project.  After a period of rapid e-mail exchanging and conversations, Prabin Paudel believed LDIW was something Nepal should also be part of.
„I visited website and other documents. I found it quite interesting and noteworthy that we can do something to make the world a better place to live in,” said Mr. Prabin Paudel, team leader/ coordinator for LDIW Nepal team. From there onwards the next big step was to gather a team of people who would be keen to participate in the project. „I selected likeminded people working in environment, tourism, sanitation, journalism. They were all quite impressed with the work of LDIW project,” said Mr. Paudel.

After putting together a team of around 15 people they decided to form a non-governmental organization and call it ´Green Action- Let´s do it Nepal!´.  They all work on voluntary basis and not all of them have their every-day-jobs in environmental sector. „Some are working in environment, bio-diversity conservation, climate change, journalism, auditor, school teachers- we have people from various walks of life,” said Mr. Paudel.

The main objective of Nepal´s national clean-up event that has been announced to take place on the June 5th 2012 is to raise awareness about the current waste management system in Nepal and its effects on touristic areas. „The problem here is very big, so we are planning to do research based action. I think this would be better in the context for developing countries like Nepal. If we do clean-up program one day it wouldn't be continuous for a long period of time,” emphasized Mr. Paudel. Currently the team is planning to visit government and municipal offices and conduct follow-up meetings in order to increase awareness and find supporters.


In Greece the Lets do it World project is lead by two environmental non-profit organizations that have joined forces: HSWMA (Hellenic Solid Waste Management Association) and “Time for Action”. LDIW newsletter spoke with one of the members of ´Time for Action´ organization who was one of the initiators of the LDIW Greece project Harry Vlassupoulos.

How did you first find out about LDIW project?

A teacher from our old school heard about it on the news the first time it happened and told us about it. We didn't really pay much attention at the time because we were still very small as an organization and cleaning up the whole country in a day seemed impossible. But during the summer I convinced the other members that we can do this and they said OK!

How did HSWMA and Time for Action join forces?

Well actually funny story… We didn't know each other, but in late September we both contacted Kadi (regional coordinator) the exact same day in order to organize Let's Do It Greece. So we learned about each other, met and decided that working together would bring about an even better result.

How many people are there in LDIW Greece team?

Right now I would estimate the basic organizing committee to be near 20 people with many more who are going to help, but do not want to take part in the actual organizing.

How did you organize roles within the team?

We all met up and started planning everything out. Everyone who was a member of the organizing committee chose a role which most suited them. For example: I have some basic knowledge of video editing so I will be the one who makes any videos that are needed.

What has the team been doing up to this point?

Until now we've been gathering contacts and ideas and getting organized so that when the campaign begins we will be very well prepared. Our website is going to be ready the latest by the 20th and from there on the Greek campaign can officially begin.

I would like to end this article with concluding thoughts from Harry Vlassupolous: “To tell you the truth I did find quite a lot of inspiration in the very fact that two complete strangers( NGO-s) decided to put faith in each other with no guarantees whatsoever and make an effort for something this big. It was a leap of faith really for both of us and it got us somewhere great seeing as how our cooperation up until now has been wonderful and we have created a bond that could lead to a magnificent  Let's do it Greece campaign..:)”

The teams of Greece and Nepal are a true inspiration and we wish them best of luck with their campaigns!