The new project: "Bloggers for the Purity"

The well-known in Russia and abroad blogger sergeydolya, the author and organizer of action "Bloggers against junk", is starting preparation for the new campaign.

According to his words, after the action "Bloggers against junk" he began to realize the real scope of the problem. The causes for piling junkyards are manifold and one of them is insufficient amount of urns in recreation areas.

That's why the bloggers are to start a new project in January which they plan to be busy with during the whole year long. That project is "Blogger’s for Purity".The essence of the matter is to install junk containers everywhere there's an urgent need for them.

A family of 2 tins will rent a junk bin. Purity is guaranteed.
A family of 2 tins will rent a junk bin. Purity is guaranteed. 

Active bloggers have already arranged an agreement with ХозПром plant that the latter one would manufacture the sufficient number of urns and containers, which would be branded with the partners' logos. There will be a slogan on the urns "For life without junk!" Sergey Dolya is going to attend the installation of those urns in every region.

Before setting the urns it is necessary to acquire a permit from the local authorities as well as their concept to take care of them in the future. They succeeded in negotiating about that with governors in some regions while in the others the negotiations are still to take place.

In January the Project starts in Astrakhan Oblast. Together with the governor, Alexander Zilkin (, who was one of the first to support the previous action "Bloggers against junk" it is planned to install 50 urns and 20 containers in Astrakhan city parks with a consequent maintenance.

The partners are needed to buy urns and containers. The installation of one urn with a delivery would cost about 4000 roubles. The installation of one container with a delivery would cost about 6000 roubles. The Russian bloggers invite partners who share their viewpoints. The partners may assume "protection" over a one urn, or all of them as well.

The partners are promised a worldwide respect, setting the firm's logo on an installed urn (at will), as well as mentioning the firm in blogs and media in a capacity of a partner. A detailed info may be acquired at www [dot] blogerprotiv [at] gmail [dot] com

A couple of moths before the bloggers have set the Programme of Further Actions, whereby one of the points was a creation of a site - that's deciphered as the Сivi Ecological Control. Thanks to the developers from "Studio one TOUCH" the site is to start working by March 1st at its 100% capacity while for the time being you may get an impression how it will look like here.

To accomplish Sergey Dolya thanks all people who keep being involved in "junk" problem alongside with the bloggers: "Zero waste" (, the EKA movement, the Public Chamber with a project ECO responsibility and many others.