New York, December 14: Special WC2012 event in United Nations

Let’s Do It! team will be organizing a special event on the occasion of the 2nd Intersessional Meeting of UN Conference on Sustainable Development on Wednesday, December 14. 2011, 1.15 to 2.30 p.m. the United Nations North Lawn Building, Conference Room E

FEATURED SPEAKERS are Mr. Rainer Nõlvak (Estonia), founder: "World Cleanup 2012 – global grassroots cooperation exercise" Mr. Olivier Giron (USA), Let’s Do It! Virginia: "Getting local communities into action" Mr. Willem de Jong (the Netherlands), Let's Do It! 7 Seas: "Sailing towards clean planet – targeting waste in oceans"
Please RSVP to Ms. Karin Kaup |Permanent Mission of Estonia | karin [dot] kaup [at] mfa [dot] ee | 1-212-8830640

Introduction: The aim of Let’s Do It! movement is to raise awareness about the dangers of illegal waste, and encourage local grassroots initiatives to tackle the problem of waste in cooperation with local municipalities and the private sector. The movement began in 2008 in Estonia led by NGO activists who brought together 50,000 volunteers to a country- wide cleanup day. The result was that more than 10,000 tons of garbage from more than 10,000 illegal dumpsites was cleaned up in just 5 hours. Since then the initiative has grown into a global movement spreading across borders ― mass-cleanups have already been organized in 16 different countries bringing together 2.7 million volunteers. Now the movement is transforming into a global cleanup taking place between March 24 and September 25, 2012. This is series of one-day country-wide or city-wide cleanup actions engaging local communities, organized by civil society activists in co-operation with local municipalities, private sector and NGO-s.

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