News from Croatian team

Greetings fellow members of World Cleanup 2012!

We hope that your campaigns are progressing as well as our campaign here in Croatia. The initiator of the action in Croatia is “Žmergo”, a small environmental association from the seaside town in Opatija about two hours from the capital city of Zagreb. Launching the project in Croatia has been a challenge because few people have recognized the importance one individual can make on improving their environment. The primary reason Žmergo decided to initiate this campaign was because we simply believe that there is too much garbage covering our beautiful country. We have a great desire to help motivate others to join us in preserving the wonders of our country. We believe in the possibilities of what we can accomplish in one day, if we can come together and act as one body to clean the waste polluting our country.

Despite the poor initial responses and assurances that this type of activity is not possible in Croatia, we have not given up. Here in Opatija, we often say: ‘’Krepat, ma ne molat’’, ‘’Die, but never give up’’. This was our guiding principle. There are 20 dedicated members in Žmergo working diligently to handle all the various jobs and activities. We are proud to say that many cities in Croatia are involved and we are very satisfied with that number and their engagement.

The marking of illegal dumpsites continues to grow every day. There are 700 points on the map so far, and we believe that these and many more sites will be included on the cleanup day. To see a fun video that the team made to engage more people for mapping the garbage, click here!

Croatia has over 1000 islands, some of them decided to join the action on the 21st of April. One example is the island of Šolta. Šolta is small island situated in the Adriatic Sea in the central Dalmatian archipelago. The local community very quickly organized itself immediately following our initial appeal. There are right now over 20 different associations on Šolta who have agreed to take part in the initiative on this one island alone. Similar scenarios have occurred on the islands of Cres and Brač.

Things are moving in the right direction here in Croatia and we are looking forward to the culmination of our campaign on the 21st of April. The campaign in Croatia will be supported by the President, Ivo Josipović and the Ministry of Environment and Nature along with other sectors of society that will enable cooperation and cleaner future. Our results so far are seen every day in the newspaper and web articles published and TV interviews and press conferences that have been organized so far.
We are looking forward to sharing our future success on this campaign with all of you.

Croatian team