Romania did it again!

Romanian volunteersRomania did it again! In 2011, on 24th of September, 300 000 volunteers decided to change something in this country, to make it cleaner and to join Let’s Do It, Romania! They managed to collect about 650 000 sacks of garbage and to prove that there are also persons who care about environment, about Romania, people who are not afraid to take action despite the common belief that this country has no chances. 

We are happy to see that this new edition of Let’s Do It, Romania! gathered an increasing number of volunteers, implied all 41 counties of this country. Moreover, many local and central authorities also joined this year. Companies, NGOs, public persons, mass-media, they were all there, trying to make a difference.

In this period, we are collecting information from each county in order to have our final report done with specific numbers of the campaign (number of authorities involved companies etc., costs of the campaign). What is even important, we try to see what changed from last year’s action, what has been improved, what was worse and starting from these conclusions, to draw a even better action plan for 2012. 

What it is definitely changed from last year’s action is the 
general feeling that the action on 2011 was wanted by people of Romania. They were ready to see the good part of this country. They needed to get involved in similar projects to believe Romania has changed and they are part of the change.

 Let’s Do It, Romania! team is excited to present soon at least a brief report of 2011 action and the plans for 2012.

It will not be easy at all, but in the end, results matter the most. And the feeling all the work was not in vain!

 Let’s Do It again! Together!