The Russian environmental movement Zero Waste were awarded the "For Saving the Nation" prize

On 19th November, activists Evgeniya Sukhova and Sergey Ganeyev from Zero Waste (Musora.Bolshe.Net) participated in the “For Saving the Nation” awards ceremony. Being established by the Russian public movement “For Saving the Nation”, this award is intended to be a symbol for public social recognition of Russian citizens who display the most activity in the saving of the nation.

In the category of “Organizations holding mass events and scientific, social and political activities in the field of preserving natural resources and ecology”, Zero Waste was awarded the “For Saving the Nation” prize for carrying out their “500 Cleanups” action.

In addition to the activists of Zero Waste, awards in this category also went to Nikolai Drozdov, a TV legend and host of “In the Animal World”, as well as to Evgeni Halturin for the project to preserve Lake Baikal.

The official press release in Russian can be found at

The ceremony was overall cheerful, positive, friendly, and what’s most heartfelt, without any excess pathos. Evgeniya Sukhova felt that her most vivid impressions were from meeting amazing people who sincerely love and believe in the things that they do. The concentration of such dedicated and interesting people charged the activists with positive energy and the desire to continue realizing our projects also.

One practical result of participating in the ceremony was that the Zero Waste movement now has many contacts among the organizers and other participants from there. Many of them are prepared to now work together and to support with their energy in organizing the Let’s do it!! World Cleanup 2012 in Russia.